Burholme residents learn hands-on CPR

Tim Hinch­cliff, man­aging dir­ect­or at Burholme Emer­gency Med­ic­al Ser­vices, re­cently ex­plained the im­port­ance of know­ing hands-on car­di­op­ul­mon­ary re­sus­cit­a­tion when an in­di­vidu­al has col­lapsed sud­denly.

“You can mean the dif­fer­ence of them sur­viv­ing or not,” he said.

Hinch­cliff spoke at last month’s meet­ing of the Burholme Com­munity Town Watch and Civic As­so­ci­ation. Burholme EMS, based at 830 Bleigh Ave. (near Ox­ford Av­en­ue), is in its 80th year.

Call 911, Hinch­cliff told guests at the meet­ing that, if you see someone who has col­lapsed and if the per­son is un­re­spons­ive and not breath­ing, be­gin chest com­pres­sions.

Place the heel of one hand on the cen­ter of the chest and the heel of the oth­er hand on top of the first hand, la­cing your fin­gers to­geth­er. Push hard and fast, com­press­ing the chest at least two inches and com­press­ing at least 100 times per minute for adults and chil­dren. Let the chest rise com­pletely be­fore push­ing down again.

Don’t worry about how hard you are press­ing.

“They can fix ribs,” said Hinch­cliff, who used a man­nequin to demon­strate.

Amer­ic­an Heart As­so­ci­ation-cer­ti­fied, hands-on CPR classes are held at Burholme EMS. Call 215-725-4030 or vis­it www.burholme.org

The Amer­ic­an Heart As­so­ci­ation can teach the pro­ced­ure, to the tune of Stay­in’ Alive, on­line at hand­sonly­c­pr.org

“It’s so easy to learn,” Hinch­cliff said.

The non­profit Burholme EMS has 6,000 sub­scribers. Am­bu­lances av­er­age a three- to five-minute re­sponse time.

To reach the Burholme EMS emer­gency hot­line, call 215-745-1550.

In oth­er news from the Nov. 14 meet­ing:

• Nick Croce, own­er of Croce’s Pizza, at 7400 Lawndale Ave., re­ceived a plaque for his shop’s vic­tory in the in­aug­ur­al Best of Burholme pizza con­test. Sev­er­al hun­dred people tasted pizza from loc­al shops at a pri­or Town Watch/civic as­so­ci­ation meet­ing and voted Croce’s the best.

• Neigh­bors un­an­im­ously sup­por­ted leg­al­iz­a­tion of a 6-foot-high dec­or­at­ive fence on a prop­erty at 1314 Shelmire Ave. The homeown­er needed ap­prov­al of the Zon­ing Board of Ad­just­ment be­cause the leg­al height is 4 feet.

• The Town Watch/civic as­so­ci­ation thanked Fam­ily Fin­an­cial Ser­vices, busi­ness­man Frank Huynh, Chuck’s Alibi and the of­fices of state Reps. Brendan Boyle and Kev­in Boyle for their as­sist­ance dur­ing a re­cent cleanup of the five points in­ter­sec­tion of Cottman, Ox­ford and Rising Sun av­en­ues.

• Nick Himebaugh, an aide to state Rep. Brendan Boyle, spoke of the law­maker’s in­tro­duc­tion of le­gis­la­tion that would cre­ate a max­im­um ra­tio of stu­dents to coun­selors for pub­lic schools.

Himebaugh also ex­plained that, due to re­dis­trict­ing, Boyle’s of­fice on Rising Sun Av­en­ue in Burholme will likely close and move to some­where in Park­wood or the Far North­east.

• Cub Scout Pack 160 and Boy Scout Troop 226 are ac­cept­ing mem­bers from first grade through 18 years old. Call 215-620-5828, email com­mit­tee­chair@pack-160.com or vis­it www.pack-160.com

• The Burholme Com­munity Town Watch and Civic As­so­ci­ation will meet again on Thursday, Dec. 12, at 7 p.m. at United Meth­od­ist Church of the Re­deem­er, at 1128 Cottman Ave. (at Lawndale Av­en­ue).

The guest will be Mary Bell, com­munity li­ais­on for the Im­macu­late Mary Home. Af­ter­ward, the Re­deem­er Church Praise Band will sing Christ­mas car­ols.

The Quaker Diner will provide food and drinks.

Guests are en­cour­aged to bring a food item to be donated to the needy this Christ­mas by the Town Watch/civic as­so­ci­ation. ••

You can reach at twaring@bsmphilly.com.

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