Pets of the Week: August 7, 2013

  • Cosmo, Ethel and Magic Jr.

  • Rocky

  • Percy and Jackson

Percy and Jack­son are twice as nice

Percy and Jack­son are 4-year-old tabby broth­ers whose own­er has passed away. They are in foster care via For­got­ten Cats.

The two of them have nev­er been apart and would love to be ad­op­ted to­geth­er.

Percy is more out­go­ing and af­fec­tion­ate, but once Jack­son bonds with someone, he is very de­voted. They are both well be­haved. Both are neutered and vac­cin­ated, and have tested neg­at­ive for the fe­line leuk­emia and im­mun­ode­fi­ciency vir­uses.

For more in­form­a­tion, vis­it­find­­de­tail/26043139 or at the ad­op­tion cen­ter at Pets­mart at 901 Old York Road in Jen­k­in­town. ••

Yo Rocky! 

Rocky is an adult large pit bull ter­ri­er/Rot­t­weiler mix who was sur­rendered to Phil­adelphia’s An­im­al Care and Con­trol, at 111 W. Hunt­ing Park Ave., be­cause his own­er had health prob­lems and was un­able to prop­erly care and provide for Rocky. His tag num­ber is A20575466.

The dog has smooth shiny chocol­ate brown hair, gor­geous floppy ears, a long tail and brown eyes.

Ad­op­tion hours are week­days from 1 to 8 p.m. and week­ends from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Learn more about him at www.phil­ad­opt­ ••

Triple the love 

Cosmo, Eth­el and Ma­gic Jr. are three lov­ing and play­ful kit­tens res­cued as tiny orphans. Sur­rendered without their mom, these 4-month-old ba­bies had to be bottle fed un­til they were old enough to eat on their own.

Now that they have grown big and strong, and in­to healthy and act­ive kit­tens, they are ready to find their forever homes. Cosmo and Ma­gic Jr. are neutered, and Eth­el is spayed. They are cur­rent on their vac­cin­a­tions, and have tested neg­at­ive for the fe­line im­mun­ode­fi­ciency and leuk­emia vir­uses.

To ad­opt Cosmo, Eth­el and Ma­gic Jr., fill out an ap­plic­a­tion at ht­tp://nar.res­ ••

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