Officer Davies is ‘slowly improving’

Of­ficer Ed­ward Dav­ies

Wounded Phil­adelphia Po­lice Of­ficer Ed Dav­ies con­tin­ues “slowly im­prov­ing” from the near-fatal in­jur­ies he suffered on Aug. 13 when an al­leged heroin deal­er with a his­tory of vi­ol­ence against po­lice shot him in­side a Felton­ville corner store.

Fraternal Or­der of Po­lice Lodge 5 Pres­id­ent John McNesby re­vealed Dav­ies’ pro­gress after vis­it­ing with the in­jured of­ficer at Temple Uni­versity Hos­pit­al on Monday af­ter­noon. Dav­ies was re­spons­ive and aware, des­pite be­ing mod­er­ately sed­ated, McNesby said.

“He looks good. His eyes were mov­ing and he was squeez­ing hands,” McNesby said.

Of­fi­cially, Dav­ies is lis­ted in stable con­di­tion. There are no im­min­ent plans for ad­di­tion­al sur­ger­ies to re­pair the of­ficer’s ab­dom­in­al wounds. Doc­tors hope they can soon dis­con­nect Dav­ies from a breath­ing ma­chine, the po­lice uni­on lead­er said.

Lodge 5 will host a blood drive in Dav­ies’ hon­or at the uni­on hall at 11630 Car­oline Road on Aug. 28 and 29.

A pre­lim­in­ary hear­ing for the man who al­legedly shot Dav­ies, Eric Torres, is sched­uled for Sept. 4. ••

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