Outside fish-drying is not illegal

Is it leg­al in Phil­adelphia to hang up meat or fish to dry out­side a house? 

Well, it’s not il­leg­al.

Dur­ing the past year, the North­east Times has heard com­plaints from read­ers who said their neigh­bors were hanging up fish or meat off lines in their front yards. They said they felt the prac­tice seemed un­san­it­ary and cer­tainly was smelly.

Al­though the sight and scent of fish dry­ing in the sun might rasp some sens­ib­il­it­ies, there’s no law against it. The city’s Health De­part­ment has no reg­u­la­tions that bar it, and, ac­cord­ing to Re­becca Swan­son, a spokes­wo­man for the De­part­ment of Li­censes & In­spec­tions, there is noth­ing in the city’s prop­erty main­ten­ance code that pro­hib­its out­side fish-dry­ing. ••

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