Addressing flood concerns in Port Richmond

What res­id­ents can do in the af­ter­math of the flood dam­age that oc­cured last week on sev­er­al blocks in Port Rich­mond. 

Heavy rains on Monday, Ju­ly 21, brought an ex­pens­ive head­ache to some Port Rich­mond res­id­ents, who ex­per­i­enced flood­ing in their homes. Flood­ing oc­curred on sev­er­al blocks throughout Port Rich­mond. 

Neigh­bors present at the Port Rich­mond Com­munity Group on Thursday, Ju­ly 25 asked how to pro­ceed in get­ting as­sist­ance in their homes. Many said that wa­ter came up through their toi­lets, sinks and wash­ing ma­chines in base­ments. One wo­man at the meet­ing de­scribed the mold smell in her base­ment as “un­bear­able.” 

Marc Collazzo of State Rep. John Taylor’s of­fice, 215-744-2600, and Lisa Deely of Coun­cil­man Bobby Hen­on’s of­fice, 215-686-3444, were both at the meet­ing to help those af­fected by the flood­ing. 

They asked res­id­ents to provide their names, ad­dresses and phone num­bers so that they can help re­solve the is­sue by con­tact­ing city agen­cies in­clud­ing the City of Phil­adelphia Risk Man­age­ment Di­vi­sion, 215-686-1700. Res­id­ents with flood­ing dam­age are asked to call these of­fices to provide in­form­a­tion. 

Taylor’s of­fice provided a link to a Phys­ic­al Dis­aster Sur­vey Form the city is ask­ing vic­tims of the flood to com­plete to ex­ped­ite the hand­ling of dam­age. 

The doc­u­ment can be found at:­form, or can be picked up at Taylor’s of­fices: 2901 E. Thompson St., and 4725 Rich­mond St. 

Marc Collazzo, dis­trict of­ficer man­ager for State Rep. Taylor, said in an email mes­sage Wed­nes­day: 

“Joanne Dahme of The Phil­adelphia Wa­ter De­part­ment will be com­plet­ing sur­veys of all af­fected areas, as well as send­ing robo-calls about how to pro­ceed, as well as to let people know that the Streets De­part­ment will not fine the af­fected in­di­vidu­als if they put dam­aged items out in the trash early. The emer­gency wa­ter line is 215-685-6300.”

“As of today, PWD is still in­vest­ig­at­ing the cause.  We have ad­vised our con­stitu­ents to con­tact our of­fice(s) so that we can re­port their dam­ages to PWD. Fi­nally, Rep. Taylor has been vis­it­ing with flood vic­tims and ad­vised them to also take pic­tures of their dam­age, ob­tain any es­tim­ates for re­pair and/or re­place­ment, and no­ti­fy their homeown­er’s in­sur­ance car­ri­er,” Collazzo wrote.

PRCG pres­id­ent Theresa Cos­tello stressed the im­port­ance of doc­u­ment­ing flood dam­age with pho­to­graphs and writ­ten lists. The of­fices of Taylor and Hen­on have both no­ti­fied the city’s San­it­a­tion De­part­ment, she said, so that res­id­ents would not be fined for pla­cing wet and dam­aged items in the trash. 

Dee­ley pos­ted on Face­book on be­half of Hen­on’s of­fice: “I’ve been in con­tact with the Wa­ter Com­mis­sion­er and a full in­vest­ig­a­tion is un­der­way to de­term­ine the cause of the flood­ing. If you need as­sist­ance with the Streets De­part­ment with trash re­mov­al or oth­er re­lated as­sist­ance, please email lisa@bobby­hen­

You can reach at

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