Kitty’s Luncheonette celebrates 60 years

Kitty’s Lunch­eon­ette staff, from left: Marissa, Mike, John, jen and Ro­ger. Not pic­tured: Ad­rienne, An­thony, Jude, and Kitty. SUB­MIT­TED PHOTO

Kitty’s Lunch­eon­ette, loc­ated at 2721 E. Somer­set St., is cel­eb­rat­ing 60 years as a fam­ily busi­ness. The res­taur­ant was star­ted by John “Ratz,” Yanete and his wife, Kath­er­ine “Kitty” Yanete in 1953, and is now run by son John Yanete.

John Yanete said on the phone Thursday that he thinks the res­taur­ant has sur­vived for so long in the neigh­bor­hood be­cause people en­joy the homey feel of the place.

“This is an icon in the neigh­bor­hood. I see gen­er­a­tions of kids grow­ing up here, and they sort of in­her­it the status of com­ing in here,” Yanete said. “I like the people here, I al­ways have. I’ve known people since they were teen­agers that are now in their late-40s.” 

Yanete con­tin­ued, “The old-timers will come in and see all the pic­tures on the wall and tell stor­ies about people. It’s a very unique thing, I think. I don’t know if there’s any oth­er place like it.” ••

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