Letters to the Editor (April 10, 2013)

Say it ain’t so, Joe 

So I found out that one of my fa­vor­ite cheese steak joints, Chink’s, has changed its sign from the one that honored the nick­name of its founder for more than 60 years to a blandly gen­er­ic “Joe’s Steaks and Soda Shop.”

All apo­lo­gies to own­er Joe Groh, but come on. Does it get more cliched than eat at Joe’s?

It seems that the Asi­an com­munity con­sidered a de­cision to keep the “Chink’s” sign up there as an af­front to its cul­ture rather than a way of pay­ing homage to the man who made the busi­ness hap­pen in the first place.

But, hey, it’s his busi­ness to do with it what he sees fit. Hope­fully, that’s the only change he makes be­cause Chi…I mean Joe’s is a great es­tab­lish­ment with a friendly at­mo­sphere and killer steaks.

Now back to those nasty signs. 

With the re­cent passing of Ir­ish Amer­ic­an Her­it­age Month, I sup­pose the move­ment to change the Paddy Whacks signs will be next. After all, we Ir­ish have thin skin and know that the use of such a dis­par­aging term on a bar sign is an at­tack on our her­it­age, not to men­tion a sug­ges­tion at our per­vas­ive al­co­hol­ism. The Crazy Lep­re­chaun and the Nutty Ir­ish­man un­der­cut the des­per­ate need for con­struct­ive dia­logue on the is­sue of men­tal ill­ness.

The Round Eye Noodle Bar down­town nev­er stood a chance, and they were pok­ing fun at them­selves. Sambo’s in Delaware? Do I really have to ex­plain that one? Black those let­ters out, too!

There’s a place called Shorty’s up here in Man­hat­tan that serves de­cent cheese steaks and roast pork sand­wich rep­licas, but the choice of word­ing on its sign is ob­vi­ously a slight on the ver­tic­ally chal­lenged. Al­low me to fix it.  Someone bring me a lad­der. Damn! Sorry about that, little people.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Fatty’s Cafe in Queens is a blatant as­sault on all who hold the same dis­dain for that an­or­ex­ic BMI chart as I do. Trim down that ad­vert­ise­ment as well.

Folks, all I’m try­ing to say is that maybe so­ci­ety needs to take a les­son from our big toe, Sgt. Hulka, and light­en up already. Stop tak­ing things so per­son­al and get to know the people and mean­ing be­hind the signs rather than make judg­ments and take of­fense based solely on what strikes our eyes.

John O’Neill

Ox­ford Circle nat­ive now liv­ing in Man­hat­tan

Stop driv­ing the wrong way 

Wal­nut Hill Street at Axe Fact­ory is one way.

Many of the res­id­ents at the first six houses on each side of Wal­nut Hill drive down the street the wrong way.

I guess they feel that they are spe­cial, that the traffic laws don’t ap­ply to them.

Many times I had to slam on my brakes due to them driv­ing the wrong way while I am com­ing around the corner, driv­ing in the cor­rect dir­ec­tion.

Of­ten, when this oc­curs, they end up flip­ping me the bird as though I was do­ing something wrong.

What blew my mind was that, re­cently, the streets de­part­ment put a stop sign at the end of the street for the people who are driv­ing the wrong way.

I guess the next thing will be that the street will be changed to a two way, but only for the first 100 feet. This needs to stop!

Tony Le­onardo

Holme Circle

Policies are hurt­ing uni­ons 

I agree with the city uni­ons’ protest of May­or Nut­ter’s ar­rog­ance. What I don’t un­der­stand is why most of these same uni­ons sup­por­ted his cam­paign and voted him back in of­fice for an­oth­er term.

In Cypress, the gov­ern­ment is pro­pos­ing to take 10 per­cent of cit­izens’ per­son­al sav­ings to bail out the banks. May­or Nut­ter is sys­tem­at­ic­ally do­ing the same thing to the cit­izens of this city.

Timothy T. Gass


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