Cats rescued from NE fire

Help­ing hands: Sev­en­teen cats were saved after a house fire in Bustleton last week.

Co­oper­a­tion between the Phil­adelphia po­lice and fire de­part­ments and a loc­al an­im­al res­cue group helped save 17 cats after a house fire in Bustleton last week.

Fire­fight­ers re­spon­ded to a call about a blaze on the late af­ter­noon of April 4 on the 800 block of Med­way Road. They brought the fire un­der con­trol. The res­id­ents were not home, and the cause of the fire is un­known.

In­side the home were 22 cats. Two died in the fire, and three were im­me­di­ately re­turned to the own­ers. 

A po­lice lieu­ten­ant at the scene no­ticed that some of the cats on the lawn were ail­ing, and she con­tac­ted the PetS­mart at 11000 Roosevelt Blvd.

An em­ploy­ee of the store, which houses a North­east An­im­al Res­cue shel­ter, called Jay­me Bader-Rosenth­al, a res­cue vo­lun­teer. Bader-Rosenth­al ar­rived quickly on the scene, put eight cats in her car and headed to the Veter­in­ary Spe­cialty & Emer­gency Cen­ter in Levit­town.

A po­lice of­ficer no­ticed one oth­er cat in par­tic­u­lar des­pair and handed the an­im­al off to Bader-Rosenth­al, who had pulled in­to a nearby gas sta­tion after re­ceiv­ing a phone call. The of­ficer gave the cat-filled car an es­cort to the city line.

Mean­while, North­east An­im­al Res­cue vo­lun­teer Cathy Mer­rigan ar­rived on Med­way Road and trans­por­ted eight cats to the Cen­ter for An­im­al Re­fer­ral and Emer­gency Ser­vices in Lang­horne.

The cats at both emer­gency cen­ters were giv­en oxy­gen and treated for oth­er in­jur­ies. They will be re­turned to the own­er.

Bader-Rosenth­al said the cats were fixed and ap­peared to be so­ci­able and well cared for. She’s happy there was a happy end­ing for them.

“The com­pas­sion of the po­lice and fire de­part­ments was un­be­liev­able,” she said. ••

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