Fishtown gives Wynn the thumbs-up

A newly re­leased ren­der­ing of the pro­posed Wynn Phil­adelphia hotel and casino’s designs for the “River Walk” along the Delaware River. REN­DER­ING COUR­TESY OF WYNN RE­SORTS

At a Fishtown Neigh­bors As­so­ci­ation-sponsored com­munity meet­ing Monday night, neigh­bors came out to show their ap­prov­al for the Wynn Phil­adelphia pro­pos­al on the Delaware River in Fishtown.

The fi­nal vote was 173 Fishtown res­id­ents in fa­vor, and 55 in op­pos­i­tion.

For over an hour be­fore­hand res­id­ents were lin­ing up out­side the First Pres­by­teri­an Church of Kens­ing­ton at 418 E. Gir­ard Av­en­ue on Monday, April 8.

The neigh­bors’ reas­ons for sup­port­ing Wynn Phil­adelphia in­cluded the re­vital­iz­a­tion of a long-un­used former in­dus­tri­al site, the pro­spect of con­struc­tion jobs and per­man­ent jobs once the casino and hotel opens, and sup­port for a planned 22-acre park and River Walk which would be open to the pub­lic un­der the cur­rent Wynn Phil­adelphia designs.

The Pennsylvania Gam­ing Con­trol Board is hold­ing pub­lic hear­ings on April 11 and 12 at the Pennsylvania Con­ven­tion Cen­ter to get pub­lic in­put re­gard­ing the six casino-li­cense pro­pos­als, in­clud­ing Wynn Phil­adelphia, that they must choose between.

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