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Letters to the editor: Sept. 26, 2012 edition

The purrfect soulmate“Hey, lady! Do you want her?!” called out the gruff woman to the Forgotten Cats volunteer while the volunteer was on another rescue mission.The volunteer glanced over at the trembling tabby hiding behind a trash can. She asked the woman, “Is this little cat, yours?”“I threw her out,” the woman said. “That cat already had her second litter and I’m tired of finding them homes and stuff.”The volunteer expressed a hopeful smile. “I can help with having the kitty spayed for you. If so, would you take her back?”The woman stayed silent and shook her head: “Nope, I don’t need her anymore. I kept one of the kittens.” It was then that the volunteer’s hopes and smile dropped immediately.So this terrible cycle repeats itself continuously. For people do not seem to grasp the mandatory concept of pet commitment and spaying and neutering. Altering won’t make your pet lazy or fat; that is pure myth. As long as you feed and care for them properly, your pets will be happier and healthier when altered. Also and very importantly, you will be NOT be adding to the pet overpopulation crisis.The unwanted mother cat, who has now been dubbed Butters, is safe and vetted. She needs to be the only kitty, but friendly dogs and kids are fine. If someone out there can provide this petite girl a furr-ever home, please e-mail me, her foster mom: Gdenofa@aol.comThank you for reading, and little Butters purrs “thank you,” too. Gina DeNofa Normandy

Photo op: Helping bag hunger in the River Wards

Governor Tom Corbett declared Sept. 19 as an official day to help fight hunger, and neighbors and officials throughout the River Wards stood up to lend a hand, including State Rep. John Taylor (R-177th dist.)