Editorial: Do your civic duty

Sum­mer ended, fig­ur­at­ively speak­ing, when Labor Day week­end ended, and it ended, of­fi­cially, last Sat­urday. By now, Mr. and Mrs. Av­er­age North­east Phil­adelphi­an have prob­ably ac­cep­ted the fact that it’s back to the rat race, full time.
But, Gentle Read­ers, if you think that means it’s OK to go from re­lax­ing on the beach at the Jer­sey Shore all day to re­lax­ing on your easy chair at home after din­ner each and every night, you’re wrong. With a pleth­ora of civic as­so­ci­ations and Town Watch groups back in busi­ness after the sum­mer hi­atus, you should do your civic duty.
North­east Philly’s a big town with a civic group in just about every neigh­bor­hood. In this edi­tion of the Times, for in­stance, there are a hand­ful of art­icles about re­cent civic meet­ings that ad­dress a host of top­ics, from zon­ing and taxes to com­munity cleanups and char­ity be­ne­fits. In fact, so many civic groups have held meet­ings that we couldn’t even cov­er them all in this week’s pa­per.
So, if you at­tend your friendly, neigh­bor­hood civic as­so­ci­ation’s monthly meet­ings on a reg­u­lar basis, bless you — you get a cer­ti­fic­ate for good cit­izen­ship.
But if you’re one of those un­in­formed drones who’s clue­less about the latest de­vel­op­ments in your area, you haven’t any­body to blame but your­self. If you don’t at­tend your civic group’s ses­sions be­cause you’d rather stay home and watch TV, shame on you. Just like vot­ing every elec­tion day, if you don’t par­ti­cip­ate in the demo­crat­ic pro­cess at every avail­able op­por­tun­ity, you re­lin­quish the mor­al right to gripe about gov­ern­ment and its movers and shakers, and your neigh­bor­hood and its movers and shakers.
Stand up, speak up, and show some civic pride.
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