Letters to the editor: Sept. 12, 2012 edition

Here, kitty, kitty
This week­end, For­got­ten Cats is hav­ing their Second Chance For Love, in the ad­op­tion cen­ter of PetS­mart at 901 Old York Road in Abing­ton. There will be many ad­or­able ad­opt­able cats and kit­tens.
The kit­ties are vet­ted, neutered and ready for a fam­ily of their own to take them home. What bet­ter way to ex­press love than to ad­opt a little one that truly needs you? Please come and vis­it this week­end. Someone is wait­ing for you!
Gina De­N­ofa

May­fair has turned in­to an­oth­er Kens­ing­ton
This goes out to all of the dirt­balls and lowlifes in May­fair and out­siders:
We, the hard-work­ing, re­spect­ful homeown­ers of May­fair, would like to keep our neigh­bor­hood clean. This means if you have an empty Mc­Don­ald’s bag or Wawa trash, you don’t come to a stop sign and throw it out the win­dow.
If you have a child in your car who wears a di­aper, you don’t pull over and change your kid and throw the dirty di­aper in the curb.
Did you ever think of tak­ing a plastic bag in your car and us­ing that for trash un­til you get home? Prob­ably not, be­cause a lot of people don’t know that great word that was huge for me grow­ing up in Kens­ing­ton — re­spect.
Re­spect oth­ers and their prop­erty. It’s sad to say, many years ago Kens­ing­ton was the same as May­fair used to be, clean and well kept by re­spect­ful people. Un­for­tu­nately, May­fair is what Kens­ing­ton is today.
For the par­ents of kids who ride around on the quads and dirt bikes that are il­leg­al in the streets, when your kid is killed by people who don’t be­lieve in stop signs or red lights, don’t say, “Oh, my kid was such a good kid.” They prob­ably are, but the par­ent needs to say, “No, that’s il­leg­al.” Also dis­turb­ing is when you go to the corner con­veni­ence store with your hard-earned green and watch the per­son in front of you buy Pampers on an AC­CESS card. Hello, how mad can an hon­est and re­spect­ful per­son get?
Jill Elms

Mr. Roof­er, what were  you think­ing?
Are you ser­i­ous? Has this world gone crazy?
What were you think­ing when I called your of­fice in dis­tress due to a rac­coon trapped in an open sky­light in my bath­room, and you re­acted im­me­di­ately?
What were you think­ing when you gave me your cell phone num­ber so I could call you as soon as An­im­al Con­trol re­moved the rac­coon?
What were you think­ing when you were at my door with­in half an hour after I called?
What were you think­ing when you eval­u­ated and se­cured my sky­light at no charge? An­im­al Con­trol had ar­rived three and a half hours after I had called, and all that time I watched the rac­coon slowly lose its fight for life. An­im­al Con­trol told me I could have re­leased the rac­coon to free­dom had I pulled the chain on the sky­light. My an­im­al res­cuing soul was tor­tured.
What were you think­ing when you sent an an­gel to my door to com­fort me? You see, Chris, the roof­er, spent 45 minutes show­ing me that I had been ill-in­formed. Chris took the time to listen to me as to how the rac­coon had lodged it­self and proved to me that I had no re­course but to call the ex­perts.
I have been around for more years than I wish to men­tion, but I have nev­er seen a com­pany be there from start to fin­ish in such a timely and com­pas­sion­ate way.
What were they think­ing when they didn’t even charge me for the house call or the coun­sel­ing ses­sion?
Thank you to Mike, Chuck, and Chris from P. Cooper Roof­ing. I will nev­er for­get your kind­ness when it coun­ted.
Mar­cia Vesh­nef­sky

Post 754 has a place for mil­it­ary vets
Rhawn­hurst-Castor Post 754 is open to any vet­er­an who would like to join the Amer­ic­an Le­gion. Our mem­ber­ship is open to any­one who served in the mil­it­ary.
Our post is the largest Le­gion post in Phil­adelphia. We have 776 mem­bers. Men or wo­men who would like to join can call me any­time at 215-632-7781. Dues are $25 for the year 2013.
Wil­li­am Cole
Com­mand­er, Post 754

Our politi­cians are full of hot air
I must agree with Jerry Foglia’s let­ter in the Aug. 29 edi­tion (It’s time to give Coun­cil the heave-ho).
We lim­it the pres­id­ent of the United States to a four-year term with no guar­an­tee of a second term. The same ap­plies to many gov­ernors and may­ors. Our le­gis­lat­ors (i.e. coun­cilp­er­sons, rep­res­ent­at­ives and sen­at­ors) at the loc­al, state and fed­er­al levels are not sub­ject to any type of term lim­it­a­tions. The same people just keep get­ting elec­ted over and over again.
The longer these le­gis­lat­ors re­main in of­fice the more power they ac­cu­mu­late and the more they feel “en­titled” to do as they please, such as vot­ing them­selves pay raises, col­lect­ing DROP pay­outs, cost of liv­ing in­creases, etc.
You or I can­not vote ourselves any of these, so what gives them the right to? This should re­mind every­one of the old ad­age, “power cor­rupts.”
I have nev­er once seen any elec­ted of­fi­cial come to my Lawndale neigh­bor­hood and ask for my vote. My moth­er could not even get a re­sponse from state Rep. Mark Co­hen’s of­fice in re­gard to the re­mov­al of a tree stump in front of our home. I my­self could not get a de­cent re­sponse from U.S. Rep. Robert Brady’s of­fice in re­gard to the plight of the Clark Vet­er­ans Cemetery; all I re­ceived was a form let­ter out­lining the con­gress­man’s ac­com­plish­ments.
This goes to show our elec­ted of­fi­cials do not care about the people. All they want to do is re­main in of­fice, talk a lot of hot air and con­tin­ue to col­lect on all their free­bies.
We really need to come to­geth­er and en­act term lim­it­a­tions on all le­gis­lat­ors at all levels.
Joseph Mur­ray

Ap­palled by bigotry to­ward gays
Re­gard­ing the let­ters by George Tomez­sko and Mi­chael L. Bane in last week’s edi­tion (Same-sex mar­riages are any­thing but tra­di­tion­al):
Your bigotry to­ward ho­mo­sexu­als is astound­ing and ap­palling. I’d be will­ing to bet you would’ve been (or maybe were) the type of per­son/s to op­pose the use of the same wa­ter foun­tain for whites and blacks. Chil­dren brought up by ho­mo­sexu­al couples are just as strong, in­de­pend­ent and pro­duct­ive mem­bers of so­ci­ety as any brought up by het­ero­sexu­als.
So you go ahead and “eat mor chikin” to sup­port the bigotry and di­vis­ive­ness that you so con­done and sup­port. Mean­while we, “the left,” will con­tin­ue the hu­man­it­ari­an ef­forts to fight for equal­ity, justice, and tol­er­ance.
Con­tin­ue to pray to your sky daddy in this ima­gin­ary, ma­gic­al realm. And you can also keep your evil Bible, which you claim to get your mor­al­ity from. People such as I will do the think­ing for you.
The only thing ne­ces­sary for the tri­umph of evil is for good men to do noth­ing   — Ed­mund Burke
Mi­chael Al­ex­an­der

Same-sex mar­riages…who cares!
In re­sponse to the two let­ters in last week’s edi­tion re­gard­ing gay mar­riage, get over it. Why does your opin­ion not count? I would say be­cause it does not af­fect you!
I am a hap­pily mar­ried man (to a wo­man). I do not see the rel­ev­ance of fight­ing against same sex mar­riage. It is not your life, so why do you care?
Mi­chael Bane states, “the dif­fer­ence out­weighs the sim­il­ar­it­ies.” How does it? It is a uni­on of two people that are de­voted to each oth­er. That is the same as a het­ero­sexu­al mar­riage. It can cre­ate off­spring. It is the 21st cen­tury, after all, and sci­ent­ists have de­veloped means to give wo­men ba­bies without a “nat­ur­al” fath­er.
It’s amaz­ing there is also this thing called ad­op­tion — maybe you’ve heard about it. If a wo­man and her spouse do not want chil­dren, why is that wrong? Many het­ero­sexu­al couples do the same thing. In my eyes, that is great. If you real­ize you do not want chil­dren, why have them!
It is Amer­ica and you can have your opin­ion. However, your opin­ion does not mat­ter and neither does mine. If two people want to get mar­ried, why does it mat­ter if they are two men or two wo­men? It should not. It re­minds me of in­ter­ra­cial mar­riages not be­ing al­lowed be­cause people did not want biracial chil­dren (check Ken­tucky and Louisi­ana as late as 2011).
I think every­one needs to get over them­selves. Please do not use re­li­gious be­liefs, be­cause any TRULY re­li­gious per­son would say it is not your place to judge an­oth­er’s life­style, even if the Bible says it is wrong. There are many more im­port­ant things to worry about than two people of the same sex get­ting mar­ried to each oth­er.
Mean­while, it was funny see­ing the nice list of Pat Dougherty in the same edi­tion (Blame it on the Demo­crats).
Yes, Demo­crats are bad, but Re­pub­lic­ans are, too!
 I found it amus­ing that all the is­sues came from pre-1970. As the Demo­crat­ic Party evolved, the party saw where they went astray (to an ex­tent). But since we are do­ing fun facts, lets do some on Re­pub­lic­ans:
Ron­ald Re­agan (“The Great One”) sup­por­ted the Bob Jones Uni­versity tax ex­emp­tion even though it was a se­greg­ated school. He also said the Vot­ing Rights Act of 1965 “hu­mi­li­ated” the South! Ha.
George W. Bush would not even talk to the NAACP. Strom Thur­mond (who changed to Re­pub­lic­an as the parties changed) was a huge ra­cist!
Listen, people are bad. Both parties are ter­rible at times. The whole concept of party ideo­lo­gies shif­ted in the 1960s. So every state­ment you made, most of those in­di­vidu­als would be Re­pub­lic­an con­ser­vat­ives today. Pat, I do not know if you know that or not. My guess is no.
Jerry Glan­zmann
Castor Gar­dens

Let he who is without sin
Mr. Pli­en­inger wants to dis­miss the cri­ti­cisms of Dr. Sunil Niyogi as rank bigotry with the symp­tom of a be­lief in col­lect­ive guilt. (Clergy-ab­use let­ter missed the facts, Aug. 29 edi­tion). This ar­gu­ment is spec­tac­u­larly disin­genu­ous con­sid­er­ing the fact that his be­loved Cath­oli­cism wouldn’t ex­ist without the col­lect­ive guilt of ori­gin­al sin.
Wayne Bam­brick
Castor Gar­dens

Rom­ney, taxes and voter fraud
Ex-Gov. Rom­ney, by provid­ing only two years of tax re­turns, is obey­ing the law, only to the min­im­um re­quired. If he is only pay­ing a low per­cent­age tax rate and the IRS doesn’t have any open li­ens against him (like ex-Su­per­in­tend­ent Ar­lene Ack­er­man did) then he is pay­ing the min­im­um taxes re­quired by law.
If Harry and Barry (Re­id and Obama, re­spect­ively) want dif­fer­ent out­comes, they should change the laws just like the Re­pub­lic­ans re­cently did in Har­ris­burg with the voter ID law.
Ob­vi­ously, voter fraud and ir­reg­u­lar­it­ies didn’t con­cern them as much in 2000, when an elec­tion in North­east Phil­adelphia sur­round­ing the hand­ling of ab­sent­ee bal­lots caused one of their own to win that elec­tion.
May­er Krain
Mod­ena Park

A note from the Party City lady
To my cus­tom­ers, I’m sorry that I did not say good­bye in per­son. For 17 years, I got to know you and your fam­il­ies in happy times and sad. Thank you for com­ing to the store to say hi. You be­came part of my daily life and I made won­der­ful friends. I don’t know your names, but I know your faces.
My friends, God bless you and your fam­il­ies a life of good health and hap­pi­ness. I’ll miss you! I had a good ride.
Faith, from the Party City on Cottman Av­en­ue

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