Rain and wind in NE Philly today, tapering off tonight

Ac­cu-Weath­er says the ef­fects of Trop­ic­al Storm Sandy will con­tin­ue through to­night with more rain and some high winds. The tem­per­at­ure is cool­er than nor­mal, and the high today will only be 54 de­grees, colder than the nor­mal of 61 de­grees for this date.

Loc­al res­id­ents tak­ing a stroll through Pennypack Park off of Frank­ford Ave. be­fore Hur­ricane Sandy makes land­fall on Moday even­ing. (Maria Pouch­nikovA)

Weath­er says North­east Philly res­id­ents can ex­pect more rain and some gusts of wind today, which will be­gin to taper off to­night. More showers are likely on Wed­nes­day and Thursday. There is a chance the sun will break through on Thursday or Fri­day.

Trop­ic­al Storm Sandy brought cool­er than nor­mal tem­per­at­ures to the re­gion. The high today in NE Philly is ex­pec­ted to be 54 de­grees, cool­er than the 61 de­grees that is nor­mal for this date. 

Though the worst of the storm is be­hind us, people who live in flood-prone areas should keep watch on rising creeks and streams as the rain con­tin­ues today.

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