A chilling cause


Two loc­al teen­agers are hop­ing to use the up­com­ing Hal­loween cel­eb­ra­tion to raise money for char­ity.

Veron­ica Zgura and Tre­vor Wuest, a couple and both seni­ors at the Arts Academy at Ben­jamin Rush, have de­signed a haunted house out­side Tre­vor’s home on Fairdale Road in Park­wood.

The teens are in­vit­ing people of all ages to vis­it on Hal­loween, Oct. 31, any­time after 5 p.m. The fun will con­tin­ue on Fri­day and Sat­urday, Nov. 2 and 3, from 8 to 10 p.m.

Ad­mis­sion is free, but a col­lec­tion will be taken for Chil­dren’s Hos­pit­al of Phil­adelphia’s car­di­ac cen­ter. En­t­en­mann’s Bakery will donate good­ies.

The haunted house will fea­ture a bloody butcher, a gi­ant dev­il, a pir­ate, a clown, zom­bie ba­bies, witches, a spin­ning head, a spider web and strobe lights. It’ll be de­signed in a maze, stretch­ing in­to the side yard, and will in­clude about a half-dozen live act­ors and scary points.

There are tomb­stones of Cap­tain Hook, a mummy, Drac­ula, Franken­stein, Dr. Je­kyll and Mr. Hyde and even Al­bert Ein­stein.

“It’s cool. It’s pretty big for be­ing in a house,” said Tre­vor, who turned 18 on Sunday and who lives at the end of a row. “I’ve al­ways been in­to dec­or­at­ing. It’s something I en­joy. The end­ing will be the scar­i­est.”

Tre­vor has al­ways liked dec­or­at­ing the out­side of his home for Hal­loween and Christ­mas. He and Veron­ica were able to design the haunted house with guid­ance from Tre­vor’s dad, Bruce, a handy­man.

Some 600 to 700 kids trick-or-treat in the neigh­bor­hood, so the two an­ti­cip­ate a big crowd. They ex­pect a nice turnout from the Rush com­munity and are in­vit­ing people from out­side the area as well.

Veron­ica, 17, of nearby Rani­er Road, sug­ges­ted that any money be dir­ec­ted to CHOP’s car­di­ac cen­ter. Her 2-year-old cous­in, Al­exa, has heart dis­ease. She also re­calls as a 4-year-old be­ing with her grand­fath­er, Mi­chael De Pero, when he suffered a heart at­tack in a de­part­ment store. He later re­covered.

“It’s a good cause. It gives us a lot more mo­tiv­a­tion,” she said.

The two already have raised more than $100, thanks in part to Tre­vor’s col­leagues at Ac­tion Kar­ate.

Some­time next month, he and Veron­ica hope to per­son­ally de­liv­er the money they col­lect to CHOP.

“It’s a good choice,” Tre­vor said. “A lot of people have been af­fected by heart dis­ease them­selves or know some­body who has.”

The haunted house is loc­ated at 3321 Fairdale Road, just off Academy Road. More in­form­a­tion is avail­able at the Face­book page Haunted House on Fairdale-CHOP. ••


You can reach at twaring@bsmphilly.com.

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