'Green' talks at Upper Holmesburg Civic meeting


Phil­adelphia’s De­part­ment of Streets is the city’s of­fi­cial au­thor­ity on re­cyc­ling, but the Up­per Holmes­burg Civic As­so­ci­ation has its very own re­cyc­ling ex­pert.

Last Thursday, UHCA board mem­ber Crys­tal Eiswert dished out her own “green” ad­vice dur­ing the civic group’s monthly meet­ing at St. Domin­ic’s Mari­an Hall.

The big news, ac­cord­ing to Eiswert, is that the city in fact does re­cycle Styro­foam des­pite warn­ings from streets de­part­ment of­fi­cials that waste products in­clud­ing old foam cof­fee cups and pack­ing pea­nuts should not be in­cluded in curb­side “single-stream” re­cyc­ling bins on col­lec­tion days.

However, Eiswert said, all foam products can be brought to the streets de­part­ment fa­cil­ity at State Road and Ash­burn­er Street as part of a year-old pi­lot pro­gram. Ac­cept­able foam products fall in­to the “No. 6” re­cyc­ling cat­egory, said Eiswert, a hy­per-re­cycler who hopes that if enough people par­ti­cip­ate in the pi­lot pro­gram, the city will bring foam re­cyc­ling to curb­side col­lec­tion.

An­oth­er tip, Eiswert said, has par­tic­u­lar im­port­ance in the au­tumn. Res­id­ents must use des­ig­nated pa­per bags for dis­pos­ing their fallen leaves at curb­side. Leaves should not go in reg­u­lar trash bags or re­cyc­ling bins. Res­id­ents must pur­chase the large brown lawn bags. They are avail­able for a small fee at home sup­ply stores in­clud­ing Lowe’s and Home De­pot.

Once filled, leaf bags should not ex­ceed 40 pounds each, or san­it­a­tion work­ers may not col­lect them.

Mean­while, Eiswert en­cour­aged res­id­ents to sign up for the city’s Re­cyc­ling Re­wards pro­gram to earn “free stuff” in ex­change for re­cyc­ling. To ac­cess the pro­gram on­line, vis­it re­cyc­ling­paysphilly.com. Par­ti­cipants re­ceive points de­pend­ing on how much they and their neigh­bors re­cycle. The points can be ex­changed for dis­counts at loc­al busi­nesses such as su­per­mar­kets or movie theat­ers. Points can also be ex­changed for iTunes cred­its.

• Sev­er­al res­id­ents com­plained of on­go­ing pros­ti­tu­tion and drug activ­ity in the neigh­bor­hood.

Ladies of the even­ing routinely are seen walk­ing from the area of Frank­ford Av­en­ue and Ash­burn­er Street north to Frank­ford and Ben­son Street, said one man, who com­plained that he had to chase one hook­er and her sus­pec­ted pimp from his yard one night.

In the area of Megar­gee and Glen­loch streets, a wo­man res­id­ent re­por­ted that drug deal­ing per­sists and led to a re­cent street-corner shoot­ing, al­though nobody was wounded.

Oth­er res­id­ents said they find dis­carded drug bags and needles along Frank­ford Av­en­ue and ad­join­ing streets.

• The next Up­per Holmes­burg Civic As­so­ci­ation meet­ing will be held on Thursday, Nov. 15, at 7 p.m. at St. Domin­ic’s Mari­an Hall, 8532 Frank­ford Ave. ••End­Frag­ment 

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