Multiple shootings in Northeast


A sleep­ing Frank­ford wo­man and a man who re­portedly stumbled in­to a North­east Phil­adelphia po­lice sta­tion were among the vic­tims in a rash of shoot­ings across the city late Thursday and early Fri­day.

Po­lice were with­hold­ing the names of the two loc­al vic­tims.

One epis­ode oc­curred on the 5300 block of Charles St. at 1:56 a.m. on Fri­day when a stray bul­let struck the head of a wo­man as she slept in her bed. The 61-year-old vic­tim was taken to Hahne­mann Uni­versity Hos­pit­al in stable con­di­tion with non-life threat­en­ing in­jur­ies.

Ac­cord­ing to Of­ficer Jill­ian Rus­sell, a po­lice de­part­ment spokes­wo­man, a “loud bang” stirred the sleep­ing wo­man, who then felt a bul­let graze her head.

A po­lice com­mand­er at the scene re­portedly told the news me­dia that the shot ori­gin­ated on the street and pen­et­rated the ex­ter­i­or of her home, then an in­teri­or wall, as well as fur­niture, be­fore reach­ing the vic­tim.

Po­lice be­lieve that two men had at­temp­ted to rob a wo­man in the street at gun­point when a struggle en­sued and the weapon dis­charged. The rob­bers then fled on foot.

Patrol of­ficers ar­res­ted one of the sus­pects on a nearby block of Hawthorne Street, then ar­res­ted the second sus­pect after he broke in­to a Hawthorne Street home, ac­cord­ing to a pub­lished re­port.

The po­lice spokes­wo­man did not have in­form­a­tion on any ar­rests in the case.

In an un­re­lated case, a 29-year-old man suffered a bul­let wound of the right leg after a rob­ber ac­cos­ted the vic­tim and his girl­friend on the 6300 block of Mer­s­hon St. in May­fair at 11:38 p.m. Thursday.

Ac­cord­ing to Rus­sell, the rob­ber made off with the 30-year-old girl­friend’s purse but was later ar­res­ted.

The vic­tims stated that two rob­bers took part in the crime and that the vic­tims had their 2-year-old child with them at the time. In the chaos, the wounded man re­portedly walked or ran to the nearby 15th Po­lice Dis­trict sta­tion, then was taken to Aria Health-Tor­res­dale in stable con­di­tion.

Po­lice ar­res­ted one of the rob­bers soon after the shoot­ing and iden­ti­fied him as Kareem Primis, 27, of the 6200 block of Mer­s­hon St. He was charged with at­temp­ted murder, rob­bery and re­lated of­fenses. A second un­known rob­ber re­mains at large. ••End­Frag­ment 

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