Pennypack Park cleanup a success


Thirty vo­lun­teers con­trib­uted 92 vo­lun­teer hours to the Friends of Pennypack Park’s monthly cleanup event on Sept. 22 and cleared 42 bags of debris.

Work­ers fo­cused their ef­forts on Pennypack on the Delaware, the open area of the park along State Road at the con­flu­ence of the creek and Delaware River.

Par­ti­cipants in­cluded Jim Mc­Carthy from the Com­munity Life Im­prove­ment Pro­gram and sev­en “week­enders” from the city’s crim­in­al justice sys­tem, along with com­munity vo­lun­teers Bri­an Le­onard, Russ Booth, Ro­land Wil­li­ams, Alan Os­trow, Betty Landolfi, Audrey Walms­ley, Linda Dav­ies, Louise Ko­pena, Lorry Ben­son, Sarah Ben­son, Nick Dar­mohray, Vince Dar­mohray, Justin Dar­mohray, Sheila Gross­man, Jim Ry­an, Kev­in Sweetra, Joyce Fer­rero, Bill Hende­r­son, Jim Smyth, Norma Rudolph, Florence Brod­man and Nance Kerns.

In ad­di­tion to the 42 bags of trash, par­ti­cipants picked up one-half bag of re­cyc­lable cans, parts of two shop­ping carts, a milk crate, a tape meas­ure, a Tup­per­ware bowl, a flower pot, a dust pan, a dozen tree stakes, a gas can­is­ter, a Spi­der­m­an lunch box, Christ­mas dec­or­a­tions, a con­tain­er of baby wipes, three bags of trimmed tree limbs, lawn fur­niture, a paint tray, parts of a car frame, part of a car jack, two truck tires with rims, four car tires without rims, cloth­ing, a wa­ter gun, a Fris­bee, two baby dolls and many vari­et­ies of sports equip­ment.

The next Friends of Pennypack Park monthly cleanup will be on Sat­urday, Oct. 27, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Vo­lun­teers will meet at Ry­an Av­en­ue and Sandy­ford Road next to Aus­tin Mee­han Middle School. Par­ti­cipants should wear long pants and com­fort­able, closed-toe shoes. The FOPP will sup­ply gloves, grab­ber tools, wa­ter and snacks. Call 215-934-PARK for in­form­a­tion. ••End­Frag­ment 

You can reach at

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