Letters to the editor: Oct. 24, 2012 edition

Coun­cil­man: School gym is­sue will be fixed
This is in re­sponse to Bill Ru­bin’s let­ter in last week’s edi­tion: One of my highest pri­or­it­ies has al­ways been the youth or­gan­iz­a­tions in my dis­trict. Upon learn­ing about the School Dis­trict’s plan to charge vo­lun­teer youth or­gan­iz­a­tions for the use of school gyms, I im­me­di­ately began field­ing calls and meet­ing with ath­let­ic dir­ect­ors, coaches and par­ents.
I am work­ing with my Coun­cil col­leagues to come up with a solu­tion, as we have done in the past. I will nev­er tol­er­ate any youth or­gan­iz­a­tion pay­ing to use city fa­cil­it­ies.
I do ap­pre­ci­ate Mr. Ru­bin re­mind­ing my con­stitu­ents that I have nev­er voted for a prop­erty tax in­crease, in­clud­ing the last three con­sec­ut­ive years.
I am op­tim­ist­ic that this school gym fund­ing is­sue will again be re­solved, hope­fully for the last time.
Bri­an O’Neill
Coun­cil­man, 10th Dis­trict
Ed­it­or’s note: May­or Nut­ter and the school dis­trict on Tues­day an­nounced an agree­ment to main­tain pro­grams at school gym­nas­i­ums while al­ter­ing sched­ules or loc­a­tions to save costs.

Friendly ad­vice for a Demo­crat­ic sore loser
Evid­ently, based upon his let­ter in last week’s North­east Times, Demo­crat Bill Ru­bin, who lost to Re­pub­lic­an Coun­cil­man Bri­an O’Neill last year, is a sore loser.
Bill, you don’t need to have people “flood their coun­cilp­er­son’s of­fice” with phone calls. All you have to do when you meet with your Demo­crat­ic friends is to tell them of your com­plaints about how they are run­ning the city.
And what you quoted Bri­an as say­ing is cor­rect. Bri­an again didn’t vote to raise our taxes or in­sti­tute the AVI like some of your party mem­bers did and wanted to.
May­er Krain
Mod­ena Park

City’s block­ing the truth in probe of fire tragedy
I ap­plaud Phil­adelphia City Coun­cil­man Jim Ken­ney for con­ven­ing a series of pub­lic hear­ings on the cir­cum­stances that led to the tra­gic deaths of Lt. Robert Neary and Fire­fight­er Daniel Sweeney in the Kens­ing­ton ware­house in­ferno on April 9, 2012.
The brave men and wo­men of the Fire De­part­ment who lay their lives on the line to pro­tect the cit­izens of our great city de­serve the truth. I found it dis­grace­ful that the lead­er­ship of the PFD and of­fi­cials of the Nut­ter ad­min­is­tra­tion de­clined Ken­ney’s re­quest to ap­pear at such an im­port­ant pub­lic safety meet­ing. The hear­ing was about get­ting to the truth of what happened on April 9 so that a tragedy of that mag­nitude nev­er hap­pens again.
Clearly, the Nut­ter ad­min­is­tra­tion doesn’t want the truth to come out or they would have had the de­cency to stand up and be held ac­count­able in a pub­lic for­um. And their ex­cuse that they are barred from com­ment­ing pending the find­ings of in­vest­ig­a­tions by the D.A.’s of­fice and the Na­tion­al In­sti­tute of Oc­cu­pa­tion­al Safety and Health, is a com­plete cop-out.
If the Nut­ter ad­min­is­tra­tion truly cares about the safety of Phil­adelphi­ans and its fire­fight­ers, then they should come clean on what happened in the fate­ful early-morn­ing hours at the Kens­ing­ton ware­house blaze. And while they’re at it, they should drop their leg­al chal­lenge to the fire­fight­ers’ ar­bit­ra­tion award. It’s fair, it’s af­ford­able and it’s the right thing to do. So do it.
Ed Neilson
State Rep­res­ent­at­ive
169th Le­gis­lat­ive Dis­trict

Ra­cism is still alive and well
Kudos to Jim Laverty on his let­ter to the ed­it­or last week (The double stand­ard is in black and white).
He is right in say­ing that we would be slammed as ra­cists if we were to have the white stu­dent coun­cil, the white clergy, the white Miss Amer­ica, white col­lege fund and so on and so on, but the black race can get away with do­ing this.
This is a double stand­ard and just shows that ra­cism is still alive and well with black Amer­ic­ans, and I don’t un­der­stand why. We have done noth­ing but give them a chance to strive and they have been giv­en more op­por­tun­it­ies than whites with city and state jobs all be­cause they are black.
Whites are now the minor­ity and as long as black titles are still per­mit­ted by us, it will al­ways con­tin­ue. We are par­tially to blame for our an­cest­ors, but enough is enough. We are all the same when it comes right down to it and should not be dis­crim­in­ated against re­gard­less of wheth­er we are black or white.
We don’t hear of Jews cry­ing ra­cism or ‘poor me,’ and look what they went through in Europe dur­ing the Holo­caust. Think about it.
Donna Slaw­ter

St. Hubert High School says thank you
St. Hubert’s fac­ulty fund-rais­ing com­mit­tee would like to of­fer a heart­felt thank you to the ex­ten­ded St. Hubert com­munity, Free­dom Cred­it Uni­on, loc­al par­ishes and North­east neigh­bors for their over­whelm­ing sup­port of our elec­tron­ic re­cyc­ling pro­gram held on Sat­urday, Oct. 13.
More than 40,000 pounds of elec­tron­ics were col­lec­ted for prop­er dis­pos­al and re­cyc­ling. Your gen­er­os­ity is a gift not only to our school but the en­vir­on­ment as well!
Ter­ese Lewis and Mary Re­il
St Hubert Fac­ulty

Read­ers weigh in on Obama and Rom­ney

Obama was right
The  clos­ing Dow Jones av­er­age on Oct. 17, 2012 was 13,557.00. The day that Pres­id­ent Obama was in­aug­ur­ated, Jan. 20, 2009, the  Dow fin­ished at 7,920.66.
That is a 71.1 per­cent rise un­der Pres­id­ent Obama in less than four years. By this meas­ure, he seemed to be ac­cur­ate  when he said: “The private sec­tor is do­ing fine.”
Mel Flit­ter
Fox Chase

Rom­ney is fright­en­ing
Re­gard­ing Di­ane Mc­Dow­ell’s let­ter to the ed­it­or, Don’t fall for the scare tac­tics from the Obama cam­paign (Oct. 10 edi­tion):
If you have been made scared by the Obama cam­paign in this cur­rent elec­tion sea­son, get down on your knees in grat­it­ude for the reas­ons you have been made scared, of which there have been many.
I am frightened also, be­cause I think Mr. Rom­ney is per­haps the most fright­en­ing pres­id­en­tial can­did­ate our na­tion has had in many moons.
At an un­steady time when we need a steady hand at the ship of state, Mr. Rom­ney has done so many flip-flops he’s be­gin­ning to look like a pan­cake on a hot griddle, so we are all con­fused about who he is and what he really be­lieves about the ma­jor is­sues.
The most cur­rent ex­ample: In the past, he has said he is pro-life. Then he changed to “I am pro-choice.” A few days ago, he an­nounced, “Oops, wrong audi­ence, I am pro-life. Sorry.”
Also re­cently he said without check­ing his facts: “Pres­id­ent Obama has nev­er once passed a trade agree­ment with any na­tion friendly to Amer­ica.”
Wrong. Fact check­ers did check and dis­covered Mr. Obama has been re­spons­ible for three trade agree­ments with na­tions friendly to us. Mr. Rom­ney not only didn’t apo­lo­gize for his in­cor­rect charge, he didn’t even blush about it.
I did agree with one thing Di­ana said: “Mr. Rom­ney may not be the en­tire pack­age.”
Hey, I think you’re right. He’s only the wrap­ping, and there’s noth­ing in­side.
Ed­ward Huber

Rom­ney and Ry­an are scary
I have to take is­sue with the let­ter from Di­ane Mc­Dow­ell.
I am scared of Rom­ney and Ry­an. People who lie and lie for polit­ic­al gain and keep chan­ging their mind on the is­sues can­not be trus­ted.
How are they go­ing to handle deal­ing with the lead­ers of oth­er coun­tries, and who will in­flu­ence them?
Any­one who be­lieves that the Koch broth­ers and Shel­don Ad­el­son are donat­ing to Rom­ney’s cam­paign be­cause they care about the av­er­age guy (the 47 per­cent) should wake up. They don’t want tax in­creases and they want to keep their off­shore ac­counts.
I don’t re­sent Rom­ney’s wealth. Jack Kennedy was rich, so was FDR, but they cared about every­body and wanted to help those that were not as for­tu­nate.
I’ve been fol­low­ing polit­ics for 60 years and have nev­er, ever seen any­thing as bad as the Re­pub­lic­ans of this era, and I re­mem­ber Richard Nix­on and his dirty tricks.
Wo­men should have a say about their bod­ies; we don’t need ig­nor­ant men like Todd Akin, Mr. Rom­ney’s pal, to clas­si­fy what is rape. And did enough of them stand up against that state­ment? No.
Fur­ther, the coun­try was in a big mess (I could use an­oth­er ad­ject­ive, but I’m a lady) when Obama took over. The stock mar­ket has re­sur­ged to twice what it was in 2008.
Yes, the em­ploy­ment rate is go­ing up and people are show­ing more con­fid­ence in the eco­nomy. We have a de­fi­cit be­cause of two wars brought about by Bush-Cheney and the cost of the Medi­care drug pro­gram. Eight years of the mess that was made was left for Obama to clean up.
Will Mitt Rom­ney wave his ma­gic wand and sud­denly 12 mil­lion jobs will ap­pear? Will he cut taxes across the board? Will he keep us out of a war?
My gut tells me there will be cuts in the de­duc­tion for the av­er­age Joe and there will be no big, big in­crease in em­ploy­ment, and he will sway with the wind and listen to the hawks and we will, God for­bid, have a war again, which would be cata­stroph­ic. I am scared of an­oth­er Re­pub­lic­an tak­ing over this coun­try’s lead­er­ship.
Mar­cia Lev­in

Rom­ney/Ry­an for wo­men? Ha!
In re­sponse to Di­ane, I have to say I am a bit sur­prised that you feel that Rom­ney/Ry­an are for wo­men. If you would be the first to say you’d fight for wo­men’s rights, then you have the wrong can­did­ates in mind.
Paul Ry­an has voted to cut Planned Par­ent­hood and dis­al­low abor­tion, and he wanted to lim­it in­sur­ance cov­er­age of wo­men get­ting abor­tions even with their own money (all facts, by the way).
You may dis­agree with abor­tion, and I am with you if that is your stance. However, it is not my place to tell you or any­one else what to do with their body. That is what Rom­ney/Ry­an would do to you as a wo­man.
As for teach­ers and edu­ca­tion, Ry­an voted to cut fund­ing for Head Start. He also wanted to elim­in­ate caps for stu­dent loan in­terest rates (facts). He also wanted to lim­it Pell grants — which in all real­ity is say­ing they do not want to make edu­ca­tion avail­able with gov­ern­ment aid. Let’s cut fed­er­al fund­ing for schools. Let’s privat­ize edu­ca­tion. Let’s cut this gov­ern­ment waste­land we call edu­ca­tion. However, let’s in­crease mil­it­ary spend­ing. Let’s give tax cuts to the up­per class that already pay less per­cent­ages.
As for Rom­ney be­ing a self-made man, I may be mis­taken, but wasn’t his fath­er ex­tremely wealthy. So while he may not have kept the in­her­it­ance his fath­er left, his fath­er most def­in­itely helped him out in his life (which is fant­ast­ic). That is not a reas­on to dis­like the man. I do say this, though: Check out Rom­ney’s stances on things and see the flip-flop. “I back up my state­ment about the 47 per­cent” turns to “I am for the 100 per­cent. I really didn’t mean that pre­vi­ous state­ment.”
Re­pub­lic­ans ar­gue that we need less gov­ern­ment. We need less reg­u­la­tion. We need to give those big cor­por­a­tions more tax cuts to cre­ate jobs that are nev­er cre­ated. They want less and less of everything ex­cept in con­trolling you as a per­son. They say gays can­not marry, wo­men have no rights over their own body, and any­one that re­ceives any type of gov­ern­ment money doesn’t pay taxes.
Those “people” in­clude those that re­ceive stu­dent loan money and un­em­ploy­ment thanks to downs­iz­ing. Re­pub­lic­ans say, “We need to cen­sor what you see and what you watch and use God as our crutch.”
In a coun­try where the CEO-to-work­er salary ra­tio is over 450:1, do we really need to help out those big com­pan­ies? The United States has the biggest dis­par­ity of wealth, from CEO to work­er, in the world. That’s a fact. Yeah, those big cor­por­a­tions need cor­por­ate wel­fare.
Jerry Glan­zmann
Castor Gar­dens

Are you on Rom­ney’s list?
When you get up in the morn­ing, look in the mir­ror and ask your­self if you’ve ever got­ten a tax re­fund by us­ing leg­al de­duc­tions. Do you now or will you in the fu­ture re­ceive So­cial Se­cur­ity? Did you serve in a war zone? Have you ever re­ceived un­em­ploy­ment be­ne­fits? Are you a stu­dent with an edu­ca­tion­al loan or grant? Do you work but do not earn enough to have to pay in­come taxes?
If the an­swer to any of the pre­ced­ing is yes, you are one of the 47 per­cent that Rom­ney does not care about and de­scribes as takers and un­will­ing to take re­spons­ib­il­ity for their lives. Is this the man you want to be your pres­id­ent?
Jaime Reyes

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