Party with Sluggersville


Slug­gers­ville Phil­adelphia, an in­door base­ball and soft­ball train­ing fa­cil­ity, will have a grand open­ing party from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Sat­urday at 9490 Blue Grass Road.

The fa­cil­ity con­tains 11 “tun­nels,” or net­ted train­ing areas, with­in an in­door space, a spa­cious par­ents’ lounge and it’s open all year.

Slug­gers­ville has been open since Sept. 29, and already has 300 cli­ents signed up, said Joe Brown, who owns the busi­ness along with Jim Mort, Joe Doyle and Nick Capecci, whom he de­scribed as all sports-lov­ing North­east guys.

“I have coaches who are book­ing all the way to the spring,” Brown said. A newly hired train­er star­ted this week and already has 48 ses­sions sched­uled, he said.

Brown ran in­to some road­b­locks set­ting up Slug­gers­ville.

In 2011, he had got­ten the Park­wood Civic As­so­ci­ation’s OK and Zon­ing Board of Ad­just­ment ap­prov­al to open his ven­ture at 12285 McN­ulty Road.

However, that prop­erty had in­dus­tri­al zon­ing, and, in Septem­ber 2011, Brown told Park­wood mem­bers he had been threatened with a law­suit by the Phil­adelphia In­dus­tri­al De­vel­op­ment Cor­por­a­tion if he opened be­cause the prop­erty’s deed re­stric­ted it to in­dus­tri­al use.

That promp­ted Brown to keep look­ing un­til he found the Blue Grass Road prop­erty. That, too, was zoned in­dus­tri­al, he said in an in­ter­view Oct. 11, but a vari­ance to al­low the sports op­er­a­tion was gran­ted in the winter.

Slug­gers­ville Phil­adelphia’s hours are Monday through Fri­day, 2 to 9 p.m.; and Sat­urday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. For in­form­a­tion, call 215-673-1258 or vis­it www.slug­gers­ ••End­Frag­ment 

You can reach at

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