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Editorial: Rebel with a cause

When he was laid to rest Tuesday afternoon in a cemetery in Lower Moreland just across the border with Somerton, Arlen Specter left a legacy that likely will remain unmatched by 99.9 percent of American politicians.While most politicians are quite adept at talking the talk and saying and doing a whole lot of nothing in a whole lot of words and time, Mr. Specter — Pennsylvania’s longest-serving U.S. senator who passed away Sunday morning — actually walked the walk with common sense, decency and true public service.The accolades that poured in following word that Mr. Specter had succumbed to cancer were more than just the obligatory lip service that mourners typically give to the recently departed. The good things that politicians and regular people alike said about the former prosecutor, defense attorney and senator were genuine.Sen. Specter’s fierce independent streak, often misinterpreted by skeptics as political opportunism, benefited folks in Pennsylvania and the entire nation more than they probably realize.If most politicians had emulated Sen. Specter by thinking for themselves instead of thinking for the bosses and extremists in their political parties, America would not be in the political and fiscal sinkhole that it currently finds itself in.In the end, Sen. Specter relied on stand-up comedy to help him through his illness, and that should inspire all of us to take our cue from him, especially in trying times. The moral of the Arlen Specter coping story: A hearty dose of laughter is life’s best medicine. ••Send letters to:

Letters to the editor: Oct. 17, 2012 edition

The double standard is in black and whiteI have been paying public school taxes since 1950, and although I never had a child in a public school and I retired 18 years ago, the beat goes on. I’m shocked to read that some schools are “Democrat” and a student wearing a Romney/Ryan shirt was compared to a teacher wearing a KKK shirt.Do we also have Republican schools where a student wearing an Obama shirt would be ridiculed and threatened and afraid to return to school? Of course not, as that would be racial intimidation and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson could go nationwide with it.If this teacher wants a real cause celebre, she should ask why we can have black student council, black clergy, black caucus and hundreds of others, who by their very titles are discriminatory.If we have any groups that start with “white,” I’ll apologize, as I’ve never heard of them, and it was years ago that country clubs, swim clubs, etc., had to integrate or lose their charters. If there is a difference between “whites only” drinking fountains and “Democrats only” political shirts, I can’t see it, except to say, wake up, Philadelphia — we’re paying for these schools and teachers, and look what’s happening!Jim LavertyParkwood

Worth the Wait

In Romney T-shirt uproar, both sides call for threats to stop

Samantha Pawlucy told Star last week she didn’t want her teacher, Lynette Gaymon, to be threatened. Now Gaymon has asked the same for her former student, who is reportedly not returning to Charles Carroll High.

Furniture store’s zoning denial was supported by 28 signatures

The owner of a new vintage shop near the Mid-Century Furniture Warehouse, which was recently denied a zoning variance, says a petition against the store was signed by 28 residents, and that she personally supported the Warehouse.

Span of the centuries

— Cows, wagons, oxen and sheep, and other good stuff, have graced what is believed to be America's oldest roadway bridge, in Holmesburg.