Holmesburg Library to close temporarily for repairs


City and lib­rary of­fi­cials an­nounced last week that the Free Lib­rary of Phil­adelphia’s Holmes­burg branch will close for three-plus weeks as crews re­pair the in­side of the build­ing.

The in­teri­or of the build­ing, built in 1907 and loc­ated at 7810 Frank­ford Ave. (at Har­tel Av­en­ue), has ex­per­i­enced wa­ter dam­age.

A crew has re­paired the roof and per­formed brick-point­ing work on the out­side, and the in­side has stayed dry dur­ing re­cent rain­fall.

However, there is ex­ist­ing dam­age from pre­vi­ous storms. The city’s risk man­age­ment di­vi­sion found a small amount of mold on a wall, and it was re­moved with a bleach solu­tion.

The lib­rary will tem­por­ar­ily shut down after the close of busi­ness this Fri­day at 5 p.m.

Much of the work will be the scrap­ing and clean­ing of plaster. The ceil­ing will be re­painted and the rugs cleaned. Plastic sheet­ing will be placed over books and ma­ter­i­als.

All of that work, and the pres­ence of scaf­fold­ing, is for­cing the tem­por­ary clos­ing.

The work will take two weeks, fol­lowed by a week of cleanup. The lib­rary will re­open on Monday, Nov. 5, at noon.

Ad­min­is­trat­ors Bill Flem­ing, Joe Ben­ford and Ju­lie Doty told pat­rons and mem­bers of the Friends of Holmes­burg Lib­rary dur­ing a Sept. 24 meet­ing that staff will be re­deployed.

Mail will be de­livered and ship­ments ac­cep­ted by a se­cur­ity guard who will be present dur­ing the re­pair work.

Re­turns of ma­ter­i­als can be taken to oth­er loc­al branches. Fees will be waived for past due ma­ter­i­als.

Any­body who has ordered a ma­ter­i­al to be held can pick it up at the Ta­cony Branch, at Tor­res­dale Av­en­ue and Knorr Street. ••End­Frag­ment 

You can reach at twaring@bsmphilly.com.

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