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Story Archive October 03 2012

Tough lesson

— A Somerton mom and dad are in trouble with the law after enrolling their daughter in a Lower Moreland school.

Port Richmond and problematic Powers Park

Port Richmond neighbors have voiced their longstanding concerns about underage drinking and drug use at the neighborhood park. Now, they have been promised they will start seeing results.

Lacey Day this Sunday honors Little Flower High senior

An upcoming fundraiser in memory of Lacey Gallagher will help fund a scholarship fund in her honor.

Bridesburg health fair to offer medical services and crafts Saturday

At Bridesburg Health Fair, locals can shop at arts & crafts and flea market tables while getting basic health screenings free of charge. Proceeds benefit the Bridesburg Food Pantry.

River Ward events for the week of October 3

Stay on top of all the events happening in your community with our “Around the Neighborhoods” guide.

‘Needle Park’ gets new playground, but will it help?

A longstanding haven for drug users, Kensington’s McPherson Square has struggled to shake its bad reputation. Now that it has a new Flyers-orange playground, neighbors hope that children will come, and junkies will leave.