Residents can take out trash earlier

The 10th Coun­cil­man­ic Dis­trict has been ad­ded to a pi­lot pro­gram that per­mits res­id­ents and small busi­nesses to place their trash out for col­lec­tion two hours earli­er for the next five months.

The 6th Coun­cil­man­ic Dis­trict has been in the pro­gram since it was cre­ated.

City Coun­cil­man Bobby Hen­on (D-6th dist.) planned to in­tro­duce le­gis­la­tion al­low­ing all city res­id­ents to be able to place their trash out­side at 5 p.m., rather than 7 p.m., in the months when day­light-sav­ing time is not in ef­fect.

After Hen­on had dis­cus­sions with Clar­ena Tolson, com­mis­sion­er of the De­part­ment of Streets, an agree­ment was made to im­ple­ment the pi­lot pro­gram.

The change is be­ing made for safety reas­ons, es­pe­cially for seni­or cit­izens. Some res­id­ents have told Hen­on that they do not feel com­fort­able put­ting out their trash when it is dark.

The pro­gram began on Nov. 1 and will last un­til March 30. It is open to res­id­ents of the 6th and 10th dis­tricts based on the re­dis­trict­ing maps passed by City Coun­cil in Septem­ber 2011. Those maps won’t of­fi­cially change for oth­er city busi­ness un­til the 2015 elec­tion sea­son.

Dur­ing the tri­al peri­od, the streets de­part­ment will de­term­ine wheth­er the pro­gram is work­ing well or if there are prob­lems of any kind.

Most of the North­east is in­cluded in the pro­gram. In gen­er­al, the areas that are ex­cluded are Frank­ford, North­wood, Sum­mer­dale, Lawndale and parts of Castor Gar­dens, Wissi­nom­ing and Ox­ford Circle.

To find out if you are eli­gible for the pro­gram, go to sev­, click “Find Your Elec­ted Of­fi­cials” and type your ad­dress in the box. If the names of Hen­on or Coun­cil­man Bri­an O’Neill ap­pear, you are eli­gible.

For more in­form­a­tion, call the streets de­part­ment at 215-686-5560, Hen­on’s of­fice at 215-686-3444 or O’Neill’s of­fice at 215-686-3422. ••

You can reach at

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