Star newspaper update

Dear read­ers,

Broad Street Me­dia, the com­pany that owns Star, ex­per­i­enced a fire at its Tre­vose, Pa. of­fice over the week­end. No one was in­jured, but the of­fice is dam­aged and cur­rently un­us­able. Read more here:


For now, Star and the rest of the Tre­vose of­fice will be work­ing out of Broad Street Me­dia’s New Jer­sey of­fice. Please send any stand­ard-mail cor­res­pond­ence (let­ters to the ed­it­or, event no­tices, pho­tos for the Star­Gaz­ing page, etc.) to:

Star news­pa­per, c/o Mi­kala Jam­is­on, 53 Had­don­field Road, Ste. 306, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002.

Fax num­ber: 856-667-0298.

All emails can still be sent to mjam­is­ or

Man­aging Ed­it­or Mi­kala Jam­is­on can still be reached at 215-354-3113.

We’ll let you know when we make it back to Tre­vose or any oth­er loc­a­tion.

-Mi­kala Jam­is­on

You can reach at

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