Letters to the editor: Nov. 28, 2012 edition

’Tis the sea­son to re­mem­ber our her­oes
It seems big busi­ness is not sat­is­fied with ru­in­ing Christ­mas, they need to get to Flor­ida via sled by Thanks­giv­ing. You will not be able to buy those over­priced items (which already have been marked up to al­low for the big sales!) any time in the com­ing three weeks or even after Christ­mas, when they will be giv­ing them away.
Let’s spend hol­i­day time with our fam­il­ies and en­joy the time that has been spent pre­par­ing a meal for us. If you do not have fam­ily or are far away from them, send gifts of food to our mil­it­ary and our poor. They will ap­pre­ci­ate it more over the hol­i­days.
Let’s re­mem­ber all the sol­diers, po­lice of­ficers and fire­fight­ers who gave their lives so we could en­joy our Thanks­giv­ing meals. Give thanks not only to our mil­it­ary but our po­lice and fire and med­ic­al emer­gency per­son­nel.
Don’t fall in­to the shop­ping frenzy, or we will be wip­ing Thanks­giv­ing Day off of our cal­en­dars. The stores will be there un­til the 25th of Decem­ber. (The prices are bet­ter on Christ­mas Eve day).
Ar­lene De­S­antis

A call to save the North­east Com­munity Cen­ter
I moved up here about 55 years ago. Ima­gine, the front door was about 40 feet from the curb. I thought I died and went to heav­en.
Now I’ve been read­ing about the North­east Com­munity Cen­ter on Holme Av­en­ue, which was auc­tioned at a sher­iff’s sale two weeks ago and had owed $1.1 mil­lion to TD Bank, which held the mort­gage. They are not to blame; busi­ness is busi­ness.
Dis­aster struck when the roof fell in­to the pool, and that was end of the rev­en­ue. Mem­ber­ship went from 2,300 to 900.
A great deal of cred­it should be be­stowed on the cen­ter’s ex­ec­ut­ive dir­ect­or, Stan Co­hen, and his sis­ter, Mindy Lange, who was the cen­ter’s dir­ect­or of pro­grams.
They sunk their own money, even us­ing their own cred­it card to re­vive it. Hard to be­lieve.
I won­der if this cen­ter were loc­ated in an­oth­er part of our city, would our May­or Nut­ter come to the res­cue without bat­ting an eye­lash?
When I first moved to May­fair, Chick­ie’s & Pete’s, at 4010 Rob­bins Ave., was a fa­mil­i­ar sight. I had to pass it on every trip to the bridge.
Then a light went on and they ex­pan­ded to the Roosevelt Boulevard at Hal­de­man Av­en­ue and the old Vet­er­ans Sta­di­um.
That was only the be­gin­ning, as they opened places at the air­port, the two sta­di­ums, casino and even the Jer­sey shore. Who knows where they will stop. I thought, “My good­ness, they must be mak­ing a for­tune. We are all happy for you.”
When cel­eb­rat­ing their 35th an­niversary, the own­er Pete Ciar­roc­chi told the crowd, “Thank you, May­fair.”
Well, it would be a nice time to show his ap­pre­ci­ation by help­ing the North­east Com­munity Cen­ter. I’m sure it would be ap­pre­ci­ated from a lot of people, es­pe­cially seni­or cit­izens. I’m sure it would even help out with more busi­ness. Good luck, Pete.
Fred Staf­fieri

Three cheers for Stan the Man
I would like to thank Stan Co­hen for all his years of hard work run­ning the North­east Com­munity Cen­ter. My grand­daugh­ter at­ten­ded the preschool there and also the sum­mer camp, and we have noth­ing but great memor­ies of her time there.
You must sleep good, sir, know­ing you made such a pos­it­ive im­pact on so many lives, young and old.
Pete Hart
Castor Gar­dens

That’s what friends are sup­posed to be for
Last year my son paid for four park­ing tick­ets and one vehicle re­gis­tra­tion tick­et (he was found guilty in Traffic Court by one of those named judges) that he and a fe­male friend ob­tained on his vehicle. Those tick­ets totaled about $500.
My son is close friends with con­gress­man Bob Brady and the Demo­crat­ic City Com­mit­tee.
You mean to tell me that my son could have had these tick­ets fixed and saved the $500? Some friend Brady turned out to be.
May­er Krain
Mod­ena Park

You want out? Here’s the path to se­ces­sion
As in 2008, even be­fore Pres­id­ent-elect Obama took of­fice, now in 2012, the haters are talk­ing “se­ces­sion.” I’m all for their leav­ing and, ap­ply­ing my ex­per­i­ence with con­tract ne­go­ti­ations, I’ve writ­ten a SE­CES­SION AGREE­MENT — pro bono!
As fol­lows:
Any STATE of the UNITED STATES OF AMER­ICA shall have the right to se­cede upon sat­is­fac­tion of the fol­low­ing terms:
1) A STATE pe­ti­tion­ing for SE­CES­SION shall con­duct a REF­ER­EN­DUM OF ITS ELI­GIBLE VOTERS con­sist­ing of A SINGLE-QUES­TION BAL­LOT worded thus WITHOUT MODI­FIC­A­TION OR EX­CEP­TIONS:
QUES­TION: “SHALL THE STATE OF _______________________ SE­CEDE FROM THE UNITED STATES OF AMER­ICA EF­FECT­IVE AS OF 12:01 AM on the ____ DAY of THE MONTH of _______________, in the year 20__?”
2) An af­firm­at­ive re­sponse by FIFTY-PLUS PER­CENT OR GREAT­ER AMONG BAL­LOTS CAST, shall res­ult in se­ces­sion status as of the ef­fect­ive date; Any/all busi­ness and oth­er trans­ac­tions ex­ecuted with, by, or on be­half of the SE­CEDED EN­TITY, shall be in­de­pend­ently and with ab­so­lutely no leg­al av­en­ues for ap­peal or re­course un­der any/all jur­is­dic­tions of the United States of Amer­ica.
3) A SE­CEDED EN­TITY as of EF­FECT­IVE DATE OF SE­CES­SION for­feits any/all claims to en­ti­tle­ments, ser­vices and/or re­sources, and to be­ne­fits ac­crued any time pri­or to the EF­FECT­IVE SE­CES­SION DATE; nor shall the en­tity pos­sess any leg­al stand­ing what­so­ever to claims of li­ab­il­ity against any loc­al, state or fed­er­al agency/en­tity of the United States of Amer­ica.
All pre-se­ces­sion, leg­ally re­cog­nized or oth­er agree­ments entered in­to by the United States of Amer­ica with any/all third parties, shall not be ab­rog­ated nor the sub­ject of lit­ig­a­tion by a se­ceded en­tity in­clud­ing, but not lim­ited to, the pres­ence and activ­it­ies of de­sign­ees of the United States of Amer­ica with­in se­ces­sion en­tity bound­ar­ies. Fa­cil­it­ies, as­sets, pos­ses­sions, etc. owned and/or es­tab­lished by the United States of Amer­ica pri­or to the ef­fect­ive se­ces­sion date, with­in the geo­graph­ic­al bound­ar­ies and/or leg­ally re­cog­nized do­main of the se­ceded en­tity, shall re­main un­der full, leg­al con­trol and own­er­ship of the United States of Amer­ica.
4) A SE­CEDED EN­TITY may sub­sequently pe­ti­tion for RE­IN­STATE­MENT TO STATE­HOOD, BUT NO SOON­ER THAN TEN (10) YEARS FROM ITS EF­FECT­IVE DATE OF SE­CES­SION  WITH NO GUAR­AN­TEE TO SUCH RE­IN­STATE­MENT; any such pe­ti­tions shall be un­der ad­vise­ment, at its dis­cre­tion, solely by the sit­ting CON­GRESS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMER­ICA. Should RE­IN­STATE­MENT be gran­ted, CON­GRESS WILL DIR­ECT THE UNITED STATES TREAS­URY TO AS­SESS THE PE­TI­TION­ER the SUM OF TEN BIL­LION ($10,000,000,000) DOL­LARS FOR EACH YEAR IN SE­CES­SION STATUS which will be paid as a con­di­tion of re­in­state­ment.
5) The United States Justice De­part­ment shall have sole and com­plete dis­cre­tion and power over any/all elec­tions re­gard­ing SE­CES­SION and shall pub­licly de­clare and val­id­ate the out­comes of any/all such elec­tions.
Ar­thur Gur­mankin

• • •

Pe­ti­tions for se­ces­sion from the uni­on are be­ing signed in 21 states as a res­ult of the re-elec­tion of Pres­id­ent Obama. While Texas went to Rom­ney, some 3 mil­lion people there voted for Obama. Cali­for­nia went for Obama but 4 mil­lion people there voted for Rom­ney. Do the people who cir­cu­late these pe­ti­tions really be­lieve that those who voted “wrong” should lose Amer­ic­an cit­izen­ship?
The de­scrip­tions of the op­pos­ing can­did­ates’ po­s­i­tions are bizarre. Some fa­vor­ing Rom­ney be­lieve that un­der Obama there will be no need to work any more be­cause of “handouts,” that left­ist elites want a sec­u­lar para­dise of un­res­trained eros or a So­viet So­cial­ist Re­pub­lic. Some fa­vor­ing Obama be­lieve that if Rom­ney won he would bank­rupt com­pan­ies for his per­son­al profit, and des­troy the middle class.
Mark Twain said, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in­to trouble, it’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”
People must edu­cate them­selves, be­cause in a demo­cracy your in­formed vote is even more a duty than a right. Whatever prob­lems we have in Amer­ica, if you are not part of the solu­tion, you are part of the prob­lem.
Mel Flit­ter
Fox Chase

The les­son of bigotry and Dar­win­ism
Ar­thur Gur­mankin’s let­ter, The Re­pub­lic­ans will learn a few les­sons (Nov. 14 edi­tion) from this past elec­tion is cor­rect, but the les­son is quite the op­pos­ite of what was stated a few weeks ago. The elec­tion was in­deed won by ly­ing about the Benghazi at­tack, by buy­ing the des­per­ate through en­ti­tle­ments, and fi­nally, by hat­ing suc­cess­ful rich people.
One of the most in­cor­rectly used words dur­ing the en­tire cam­paign was the word big­ot. The Re­pub­lic­ans were ac­cused of be­ing big­ots for want­ing to “Take back Amer­ica” from the gov­ern­ment and al­low the people to have con­trol, as it was ori­gin­ally de­signed in the Con­sti­tu­tion. That is not bigotry.
The left, on the oth­er hand, uses class war­fare to di­vide cit­izens against ourselves. That is bigotry. Why is it fair to hate rich people for be­ing suc­cess­ful? There are folks born rich and who may nev­er work a day in their life. Pity those people, be­cause the ac­com­plish­ment felt from a hard day of work is very grat­i­fy­ing and cru­cial to the pur­suit of hap­pi­ness. That is how we learn the true value of the ma­ter­i­al things we cher­ish.
The oth­er term ter­ribly mis­used is Dar­win­ism, which has ab­so­lutely noth­ing to do with people of dif­fer­ent races mat­ing with each oth­er. Sur­viv­al of the fit­test is fully sup­por­ted by con­ser­vat­ive ideas and it is greatly mis­con­strued by lib­er­als. What we have go­ing on now is the wel­fare state al­low­ing the “less fit” to sur­vive on the dime of the “fit­test.”
The cold truth: Dar­win­ism does not take in­to ac­count hu­man emo­tions. We gen­er­ally care for one an­oth­er and should, but the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment should not be play­ing Robin Hood.
Re­dis­trib­ut­ing the wealth sounds great in the­ory, but when the folks at the top de­cide they don’t want to work any­more to sup­port the folks at the bot­tom via the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment, their Dar­wini­an in­stincts kick in and they go live some­where to thrive with more free­dom.
Jerry Per­ese

In­terest rates stink! Fire the Fed head
CD rates are at 1 per­cent. Let’s have a party. Money mar­ket rates are lower. In­fla­tion bonds are at 1.76 per­cent.
There­fore, people who rely on in­vest­ment in­come, in­clud­ing seni­or cit­izens, see their in­come re­duced by as much as 70 per­cent. But Fed­er­al Re­serve Chair­man Ben Bernanke tells us he is keep­ing in­terest rates low be­cause it will en­cour­age in­vest­ment and spend­ing.
Bull! This eco­nomy is the same or get­ting worse! For the last six years, we have less to spend. Per­son­ally, I be­lieve the in­ten­tion is to squash the middle class. They want to elim­in­ate us forever. The Amer­ic­an Dream is dy­ing, one fam­ily at a time. In es­sence, this is an­oth­er tax in­crease.
Fur­ther­more, this na­tion is at war, and in 2007, the Treas­ury placed a lim­it on pur­chas­ing in­fla­tions bonds or EE bonds at $10,000 per set. Why would they do this when Amer­ic­ans want to in­vest in our coun­try to sup­port war and our coun­try?
On Nov. 1, in­fla­tion bonds were re­duced by al­most a half-per­cent to 1.76 per­cent. Are food prices go­ing down? No! In­sur­ance costs? Util­ity costs? Gas­ol­ine? No! How about real es­tate taxes in Phil­adelphia? In­creases for three year in a row! Nut­ter! That’s be­fore the Ac­tu­al Value Rip-off has been im­ple­men­ted. Then how is in­fla­tion go­ing down?
The ac­tion steps are clear: Please con­tact U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey (215-597-7200), U.S. Sen. Bob Ca­sey (215-405-9660), U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz (215-335-3355) and U.S. Rep. Bob Brady (215-389-4627).
Tell them to get rid of Bernanke and in­crease in­terest rates!
Myles Gor­don

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