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Excavating history at Fishtown dig site

Finds from an ongoing I-95 archeological dig include whimsical trinkets and household items. It’s a snapshot of long-ago Philly, and pieces will be on display at the Independence Seaport Museum through Feb. 3.

Editorial: Fix this court

Pity the poor soul who is not politically connected or doesn’t have a cousin who works at Phildelphia’s Traffic Court. If he’s stopped by a cop for a moving violation, he has two choices. He can take a half-day off of work and fight the ticket or he can send in his fine. But if he’s “connected,” he has a very good chance of getting his ticket thrown out, or his violation reduced. In some cases, he might be found not guilty without even having to show up in court. This “two-track system” of justice is described in scathing detail in the interim Chadwick report released publicly on Nov. 19. It’s based on interviews with court employees and Traffic Court judges. One employee even argued that the system was fair because every violator had access to preferential treatment if only he was “savvy enough to ask his elected ward leaders for help.”Thankfully, an FBI raid in September 2011 and this report have blown the whistle on this nefarious  activity.What has gone on at Traffic Court is patently unfair to people who try to do the right thing by owning up to their misconduct on the road. It is wrong because it demeans the work of patrol officers who issue tickets because they are trying to keep the streets safe. And, it is wrong because it denies the city and state thousands — if not millions — of dollars.Judges who are sworn into office in Traffic Court swear they will uphold the law and discharge their duties “with fidelity.” What part of faithfulness did they think applied only some of the time?Judge Gary S. Glazer, who has been appointed to clean up this mess, has a good bead on where we need to end up. “We are trying to make a system of justice that’s fair for everybody,” he said.That seems to be Job 1 for every court in the land. It’s time for significant structural change to Traffic Court or the system of secret requests will return as soon as the spotlight is turned off.Send letters to:

Port Richmond and Fishtown come together to give

Following the tragic death of a young mother of eight, some kind-hearted locals are working together to provide her husband and children with a Christmas to remember.

Letters to the editor: Nov. 28, 2012 edition

’Tis the season to remember our heroesIt seems big business is not satisfied with ruining Christmas, they need to get to Florida via sled by Thanksgiving. You will not be able to buy those overpriced items (which already have been marked up to allow for the big sales!) any time in the coming three weeks or even after Christmas, when they will be giving them away.Let’s spend holiday time with our families and enjoy the time that has been spent preparing a meal for us. If you do not have family or are far away from them, send gifts of food to our military and our poor. They will appreciate it more over the holidays.Let’s remember all the soldiers, police officers and firefighters who gave their lives so we could enjoy our Thanksgiving meals. Give thanks not only to our military but our police and fire and medical emergency personnel.Don’t fall into the shopping frenzy, or we will be wiping Thanksgiving Day off of our calendars. The stores will be there until the 25th of December. (The prices are better on Christmas Eve day).Arlene DeSantisTorresdale

Music to his ears

Jared Brito had modest aspirations. A few months back, the 11-year-old Pollock Elementary School pupil just wanted to try out for a small role in the Walnut Street Theatre’s production of The Music Man.

Locals react to proposed Fishtown mega casino

Gaming magnate Steve Wynn would construct Wynn Philadelphia if granted the city’s second casino license.

Hostess calls it quits, pickets leave bakery

There were no pickets walking the line at the Hostess plant on Monday morning. 

Raiders give thanks for turnaround season

Don’t bother to tell Archbishop Ryan High School senior Joe Ruskowski that Thanksgiving football games don’t mean a heck of a lot in the grand scheme of things, because he won’t believe you.

Vikings rise up

In the moments following Northeast’s thrilling, come-from-behind 14-12 Thanksgiving victory over Central, it was easy to forgive Shimeek Carter and his teammates for being a tad overexcited. 

River Ward events for the week of Nov. 28

Stay up to date on the events in your communities with our "Around the Neighborhoods" guide.