River Wards crime information

Neigh­bors throughout the River Wards have re­por­ted in­creased acts of crime in their areas in re­cent months. Here is a re­mind­er of where to turn to re­port crime. Be per­sist­ent and re­mem­ber, in a true emer­gency, dial 9-1-1.

You will typ­ic­ally have more suc­cess if you re­port crime to sev­er­al dif­fer­ent out­lets; both call and email your dis­trict and its cap­tain, ask for the as­sist­ance of your neigh­bor­hood’s town watch, text crime tips to your dis­trict and file an of­fi­cial com­plaint with the Po­lice De­part­ment. Also be sure to at­tend monthly meet­ings in your dis­trict and the meet­ings of your neigh­bor­hood town watch.

Vis­it your po­lice dis­trict’s web­site to find the name of your dis­trict cap­tain and loc­ate where your monthly dis­trict meet­ing is held. Be­low is the con­tact in­form­a­tion for dis­trict in STAR‘s cov­er­age area (each dis­trict’s web­site will have more com­pre­hens­ive maps):

6th dis­trict (parts of North­ern Liber­ties)

email: po­lice.co_06@phila.gov



15th dis­trict (Brides­burg)

email: po­lice.co_15@phila.gov



24th dis­trict (Port Rich­mond, parts of East Kens­ing­ton)

email: po­lice.co_24@phila.gov



The 24th dis­trict tip line

An­onym­ously re­port il­leg­al activ­ity to the dis­trict at 215-685-3281.

26th dis­trict (parts of North­ern Liber­ties, Fishtown, Olde Rich­mond, East Kens­ing­ton)




Phil­adelphia Po­lice De­part­ment’s text tip line

You can send crime tips to the PPD on your phone by tex­ting the tip line num­ber PPD TIP, or 773-847. The PPD text tip line is not for emer­gen­cies, but can be used to pass along in­form­a­tion to the po­lice.

East De­tect­ive Di­vi­sion

East De­tect­ives serve the 24th and 26th dis­tricts. Re­port dir­ect tips on ex­ist­ing crimes at 215-686-3243, or 215-686-3244. Sub­mit a tip on­line at www.philly­po­lice.com.forms/sub­mit-a-tip. File an of­fi­cial com­plaint with the po­lice de­part­ment at www.philly­po­lice.com/forms/of­fi­cial-com­plaint-form.

The River Wards Crime Watch

Sign up for the group’s emails and vis­it the web­site or Twit­ter page of­ten to learn of crime stat­ist­ics and group activ­ity. Con­tact them for as­sist­ance about crim­in­al activ­ity in your neigh­bor­hood. Con­tact: info@rw­cw.org, Twit­ter: @rw­crime­watch.

Port Rich­mond Town Watch

Email: portrich­mondtown­watch@gmail.com

North­ern Liber­ties Town Watch

Vis­it: ht­tp://town­watch.nlna.org/

Brides­burg Town Watch

Con­fid­en­tial tip line: 215-881-5661

Oth­er crime stat­ist­ics web­sites:



Crime Vic­tim Ser­vices:

6th dis­trict, 215-665-9680

15th dis­trict, 215-332-3888

24th and 26th dis­tricts, 215-426-4810

The River Wards Crime Watch also has sug­ges­ted tips to fur­ther se­cure your home — par­tic­u­larly the typ­ic­ally less se­cure rear of your home — against burg­lar­ies:

•Cut wooden dow­els to put in the sash of your win­dows; fit them snugly in the win­dow tracks so the win­dows can’t be opened from the out­side. Dow­els are avail­able in home im­prove­ment or craft stores.

•Re­move win­dow units from you home. Win­dow air con­di­tion­ers will sit, use­less, in your win­dows dur­ing the winter months, and light­er units can be pushed in­to the home, al­low­ing a burg­lar ac­cess.

•Add porch lights not only at the front of your home, but the back. Also con­sider in­stalling se­cur­ity doors at the front and back of the home.

•Con­sider in­stalling an alarm sys­tem, and put the alarm com­pany’s stick­ers in your win­dows; change them when they fade from sun­light. Se­cur­ity cam­er­as that are clearly vis­ible also re­duce the risk of your home be­ing burg­lar­ized.

Man­aging ed­it­or Mi­kala Jam­is­on can be reached at 215-354-3113 or at mjam­is­on@bsmphilly.com.

You can reach at mjamison@bsmphilly.com.

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