Editorial: Thank you

Thanks­giv­ing is the time for to­geth­er­ness, peace and good will. It’s the per­fect time for us to count our bless­ings.
What might our loc­al and na­tion­al movers and shakers share with their fam­il­ies and friends as they pre­pare to dig in to their tur­keys on Thursday? Here are our best guesses:
Big Bird: I’m thank­ful that Mitt Rom­ney lost to Barack Obama.
Barack Obama: I’m thank­ful that Mitt Rom­ney is Mitt Rom­ney.
Mitt Rom­ney: I’m thank­ful that Ann and I and our boys have tens of mil­lions of dol­lars as a con­sol­a­tion prize.
Karl Rove: I’m not thank­ful for any­thing.
Hil­lary Clin­ton: I’m thank­ful that I’m get­ting the heck out of Dodge.
Bill Clin­ton: I’m thank­ful that Hil­lary’s go­ing to keep an eye on me while we plot our re­turn to the White House in four years.
Chris Christie: I’m thank­ful for all this food.
Andy Re­id: I’m thank­ful that the Eagles’ bird­brains have kept me as coach merely be­cause they love to lose.
Host­ess Brands cor­por­ate ex­ec­ut­ives: We’re thank­ful that we got our hu­mong­ous bo­nuses be­fore we de­cided to shut our busi­ness.
Mi­chael Nut­ter: I’m thank­ful that I made it through an­oth­er year run­ning a city whose voters love to keep the same party in power, dec­ade after dec­ade after dec­ade.
Any Re­pub­lic­an who’s think­ing of run­ning for may­or of Phil­adelphia: I’m thank­ful to have a day job to fall back on be­cause I know I have no pray­er of get­ting elec­ted may­or.
Al Tauben­ber­ger: I’m thank­ful that after los­ing races for Con­gress, may­or, City Coun­cil and state rep­res­ent­at­ive, I fi­nally real­ize it’s time to stop run­ning for pub­lic of­fice.
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