Big changes in Northeast’s police units

Monday was move-in day at the Phil­adelphia Po­lice De­part­ment’s North­east Di­vi­sion headquar­ters in May­fair as new com­mand­ers took over the di­vi­sion’s three highest-rank­ing patrol po­s­i­tions.

In­spect­or Mi­chael Co­chrane be­came the new North­east Di­vi­sion com­mand­er, while Capts. Frank Palumbo and John Mc­Clo­s­key took con­trol of the 2nd and 15th dis­tricts, re­spect­ively.

Both dis­tricts are based on the first floor of di­vi­sion headquar­ters at Har­bison Av­en­ue and Levick Street. The di­vi­sion com­mand is on the second floor, along with the North­east De­tect­ive Di­vi­sion, which re­mained un­der the com­mand of Capt. Jack Mc­Gin­nis.

Four patrol dis­tricts com­prise the di­vi­sion. The 7th and 8th dis­tricts are based in the Far North­east and did not see com­mand changes.

May­or Mi­chael Nut­ter and Com­mis­sion­er Charles Ram­sey an­nounced sweep­ing com­mand-level changes throughout the city on Fri­day. Ram­sey ap­poin­ted new bosses at five of the city’s six patrol di­vi­sions and sev­en of its 21 dis­tricts among 36 total changes. The com­mis­sion­er said the moves will im­prove the de­part­ment’s or­gan­iz­a­tion­al ef­fi­ciency and help it com­pensate for the im­min­ent re­tire­ment of nu­mer­ous seni­or com­mand­ers through the city’s de­ferred re­tire­ment pro­gram, known as DROP.

Four of the de­part­ment’s nine deputy com­mis­sion­ers have re­tired or will soon re­tire, said Ram­sey, who ap­poin­ted just one new deputy to re­place them. Deputy Com­mis­sion­er Den­ise Turpin will over­see the Of­fice of Pro­fes­sion­al Re­spons­ib­il­ity, which in­cludes In­tern­al Af­fairs.

The out­go­ing deputy com­mis­sion­ers in­clude Pa­tri­cia Gior­gio-Fox, John J. Gait­tens, Char­lotte Coun­cil and Steph­en T. John­son.

Co­chrane, was most re­cently as­signed to Com­mand In­spec­tions Bur­eau — a pool of com­mand­ers who over­see the de­part­ment’s op­er­a­tions dur­ing night­time hours. Pri­or to his pro­mo­tion to in­spect­or, he com­manded the High­way Patrol unit as a cap­tain. Co­chrane re­places In­spect­or John Heath, who was trans­ferred to Spe­cial Op­er­a­tions.

Mc­Clo­s­key and Palumbo also were most re­cently as­signed to the Com­mand In­spec­tions Bur­eau. Mc­Clo­s­key now re­places Capt. Frank Bach­may­er, who was trans­ferred from the 15th dis­trict to Nar­cot­ics Strike Force. Palumbo re­places Capt. Mi­chael Mc­Car­rick, who was pro­moted to in­spect­or and trans­ferred from the 2nd dis­trict to the East Di­vi­sion headquar­ters. ••

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