Shenanigans Saloon raising money for neighbor’s vet bill

After an eld­erly wo­man's dog was at­tacked by a stray pit bull, Port Rich­mond neigh­bors are com­ing to­geth­er to help out.

Shenanigans Sa­loon, at 3133 Gaul St. in Port Rich­mond, is ral­ly­ing neigh­bors to help an eld­erly neigh­bor and her dog after a pit bull at­tack Oct. 11.

The bar and Port Rich­mond loc­als are work­ing to raise money for Eth­el Hubert, 73, and her dog, 11-year-old Jack Rus­sell ter­ri­er, Ivy, who lost a leg after the pit bull at­tack.

From a dona­tion jug at Shenanigans, em­ploy­ee Chelsea Coffin said that as of Fri­day, the bar has already col­lec­ted sev­er­al hun­dred dol­lars that will go to­ward Hubert’s veter­in­ary costs, which are up­ward of $1,600.

The bar also will host a beef-and-beer fun­draiser this Sat­urday, Nov. 3, from 4 to 7 p.m. Cost is $25.

On Oct. 11, Hubert was walk­ing Ivy around 1 p.m. near Gaul and Clem­entine streets when a stray pit bull at­tacked the smal­ler dog.

Coffin said she and oth­er neigh­bors ran out­side to as­sist Hubert and Ivy, and tried to fend the pit bull off with brooms and bats.

Coffin said she called the po­lice, who took con­trol of the ag­gress­ive dog after it at­tacked Ivy for al­most five minutes.

The po­lice brought the dog to the An­im­al Care and Con­trol Team of Phil­adelphia (ACCT), where it re­mained for sev­er­al days without be­ing claimed.

A spokes­wo­man from ACCT con­firmed that be­cause of in­form­a­tion from po­lice as well as the dog’s tem­pera­ment while in cus­tody, a de­cision was made to eu­th­an­ize the an­im­al.

Ivy was left severely in­jured in the at­tack, and one of the dog’s legs was am­pu­tated early last week, Hubert said over the phone Fri­day.

Ivy has been in the care of Dr. Rude’s An­im­al Hos­pit­al on Frank­ford Av­en­ue. The an­im­al hos­pit­al has also con­trib­uted to fun­drais­ing ef­forts.

Hubert is just glad her dog is do­ing OK, she said, and is thank­ful to her neigh­bors in Port Rich­mond.

“It was really great,” she said of her neigh­bors’ as­sist­ance dur­ing the at­tack. “She [Coffin] is a won­der­ful girl.”

Asked why she’s worked to ar­range fun­drais­ing ef­forts for Hubert, Coffin said she simply wants to help out a neigh­bor.

“I feel bad. I’m an an­im­al lov­er, and I’ve seen her dog al­most get killed in front of me,” she said.

To re­port a stray an­im­al, or for as­sist­ance with dogs at large in your neigh­bor­hood, call the An­im­al Care and Con­trol Team at 267-385-3800. Dur­ing an an­im­al at­tack, call 911.

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