Alleged tire slasher free on bail


The ac­cused May­fair tire slash­er is back on Phil­adelphia’s streets, but he may not be re­turn­ing to his neigh­bor­hood any­time soon.

Last Thursday, Dav­id Toledo was able to post 10 per­cent of $270,000 bail and gain his re­lease from pris­on pending his sched­uled June 4 tri­al. Upon his re­lease, Toledo, 44, re­portedly went to a re­l­at­ive’s home.

Po­lice have been keep­ing a close eye on the 4000 block of Aldine St. where Toledo shares a home with his wife, fear­ing that neigh­bors might re­tali­ate against the ac­cused van­dal or his prop­erty.

Toledo was ar­res­ted on April 25 fol­low­ing a monthslong po­lice in­vest­ig­a­tion in­to a pat­tern of car-tire slash­ing in­cid­ents on Aldine Street and nearby blocks. Toldeo al­legedly punched holes in the tires of 55 vehicles, in­clud­ing his own, and re­por­ted the in­cid­ents to po­lice as an in­no­cent vic­tim.

The neigh­bor­hood is com­monly con­sidered May­fair, al­though most of the im­pacted area falls with­in the ter­rit­ory covered by the Ta­cony-Holmes­burg Town Watch.

Po­lice have not re­por­ted any con­firmed acts of re­tali­ation against Toledo. ••


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