Harding kids make banners for school

Artist­ic ban­ners made by stu­dents of Hard­ing Ju­ni­or High School on dis­play out­side of the school.


For about a month, there have been three new splashes of col­or on the facade of War­ren G. Hard­ing Middle School in Frank­ford.

The ban­ners that now ad­orn the school’s Tor­res­dale Av­en­ue en­trance were made by Hard­ing’s pu­pils. School staffers and com­munity mem­bers on Fri­day lauded the kids’ artistry and the help they got from the pro­fes­sion­als who took an in­terest in them.

More than 40 pu­pils cap­tured im­ages from the school’s his­tory for the ban­ners. They were guided by teach­ing artist Betsy Cas­an­as of the Se­milla Arts Ini­ti­at­ive.

“I’m proud of you,” state Rep. Tony Payton Jr. (D-179th dist.) told the pu­pils.

The ban­ners rep­res­ent the three pil­lars of a sound edu­ca­tion: arts, aca­dem­ics and sports, said Mi­chael Cal­der­one, Hard­ing’s prin­cip­al.

It’s no ac­ci­dent that the middle ban­ner cel­eb­rates aca­dem­ics, he said.

“Aca­dem­ics are the cen­ter of all we’re do­ing,” the prin­cip­al said.

The ban­ners are meant to cap­ture “the rich­ness of the school,” Cas­an­as said.

More artist­ic en­deavors will come to Hard­ing, she said.

The pro­ject was com­pleted in con­junc­tion with the city’s Arts Rising pro­gram.

Dur­ing Fri­day’s ce­re­mony, Madis­on Sper­duto and Chris Griffin, both mem­bers of the Hard­ing Def Po­ets, per­formed ori­gin­al works. ••


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