Story Archive March 28 2012

Should Dems adopt ‘Santorum’ strategy?

In this week's Riverward Rant, columnist Joe Quigley, looks at the often simplified, 'black & white' issues in politics, when all too often, there is a gray area that is overlooked.

Northern Liberties shop owner uses ‘Duke’ — his dog — as inspiration

Northern Liberties-based Duke and Winston owner Seun Olubodun looked to his dog Duke for inspiration in his new line of clothing.

‘What’s the matter with kids today?’ asks the PRWCAN

The Port Richmond West Community Action Network hosted a community panel last week to discuss the causes of youth violence and how to turn the tide against this rise in crime.

LSH finds a way

After losing thousands because of cuts in state funding, the Lutheran Settlement House found other ways to continue its adult education programs.

Spicin’ it up!

At last week's Fishtown Chili Cook-Off, hundreds packed the spacious 2424 Studios on York Street to sample some of the spiciest grub local residents and restaurants had to offer.

A 'banner' moment in Fishtown

Fishtown Action unveils the first of a coming 125 banners that will be displayed throughout the neighborhood.

Looking for a place to call home

After leaving City Hall when the Occupy Philly camp came to an end, some homeless individuals have found a home with the Nu-Look ministry — it’s under the Betsy Ross Bridge.

Editorial: Perzel ruined Perzel

Was John M. Perzel, the once mighty state representative from Lexington Park, really representative of the 62,000 or so residents of his 172nd Legislative District? You’d better hope not. After all, most of those people are not crooks.Mr. Perzel, who in exactly two weeks will head to prison following sentencing for public corruption, was not representative of the good folks in his district or the Northeast as a whole.By using taxpayer money to advance his political career, Mr. Perzel disgraced himself, his friends, his family, his once-good name and worst of all, the cause of public service. In the end, he proved to friends and foes alike that he was just another self-serving, power-hungry egomaniac who got by with a lot of help from his charm, personality and just plain dumb luck.Yes, Rep. Perzel did some good things for the people of his district during his 32 years in office, but that was his job — to help them. But boy, did he let the people down. He should have resigned before losing an audacious bid for re-election in 2010, but again, his ego got the best of him. His soiled name remained on the walls of a community center in Mayfair far longer than it should have.John Perzel pleaded guilty to just eight of the 82 counts that prosecutors lodged against him in 2009. What happened to the other 74 counts? Why did they magically disappear in his plea bargain? Why didn’t the prosecution decline a plea bargain and try him on all counts? Was the evidence in those 74 dropped counts so flimsy?Perhaps the public will never find out, but at least Northeast Philadelphia’s infamous crook will have some plenty of down time in which to ponder his behavior. ••Send letters to:

Letters to the Editor: March 28, 2012

Free water ice day should melt awayI want to thank Rita’s water ice for their annual free water ice giveaway on the first day of spring. But could we please stop this tradition here in the Northeast?I’m tired of seeing the critters crawl out of the woodwork for essentially a free dollar. It drives me crazy watching these people treat the Northeast like their toilet. They throw their trash wherever they want, disrespect everyone and everything they come in contact with and basically ruin a nice gesture.Feel free to open a Rita’s in Kensington, Logan and North Philadelphia and continue this practice, but please end it in the Northeast.Jay BosakPine Valley