Editorial: Say what, Tom?

Is Tom Corbett out of his mind? Does he think wo­men are in­cap­able of tend­ing to their own body busi­ness? Does the “mod­er­ate” gov­ernor of Pennsylvania ac­tu­ally think wo­men should be forced to un­der­go an ul­tra­sound and wait 24 hours be­fore hav­ing an abor­tion? Does he real­ize that wo­men out­num­ber men? Does he have a clue? Does he think he lives on an­oth­er plan­et?
The former state at­tor­ney gen­er­al is tak­ing plenty of heat from plenty of level-headed people for de­fend­ing le­gis­la­tion dubbed the Wo­men’s Right to Know Act that would treat preg­nant wo­men like im­be­ciles.
For preg­nant wo­men who know there is no need to look at a mon­it­or while get­ting their man­dat­ory ul­tra­sound and have no de­sire to do so, Mr. Corbett of­fers this friendly, fath­erly ad­vice: “You just have to close your eyes.”
Oh, how nice. That’s the only choice wo­men de­serve, ac­cord­ing to the pa­ter­nal­ist­ic gov­ernor.
Abor­tion rights in the year 2012 are un­der at­tack by far-right politi­cians, mostly men, who, like Mr. Corbett, can nev­er get preg­nant but treat wo­men with ut­ter con­tempt and thumb their nose at the right to abor­tion, which be­came settled law with the U.S. Su­preme Court’s Roe vs. Wade de­cision in 1973.
At­ten­tion, all wo­men who cher­ish their pri­vacy and all men who re­spect wo­men: Let Tom Corbett know how you feel. Call him at 1-717-787-2500 and send him a mes­sage at www.face­book.com/Gov.Tom­Corbett
Tell him — and Rush Limbaugh,  Rick San­tor­um and oth­er “lim­ited gov­ern­ment” pro­ponents — to stay the hell out of your bed­rooms and doc­tor’s of­fices. ••

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