Story Archive March 21 2012

A career ‘alternative’ for former union organizer

After spending years as a union organizer and sheet metal worker, Kensington’s Ron Jablonski has found a new career in alternative medicine.

Could ‘Kony’ style campaign work in Kenzo?

In this week's Riverward Rant, columnist Joe Quigley looks at those popular internet support campaigns - like the recent Kony 2012 documentary - and wonders if something similar could help improve conditions in Kensington.

A tribute to players who broke baseball’s boundaries

Branch manager of the Richmond Library, Jerry Franklin, is a big baseball fan. He shares some of his personal collection in a new exhibit that focuses on players who moved to the major leagues after playing in the Negro National League.

Celebrating a year of musical ‘shenanigans’

Musician Danny Quimby will soon be celebrating a year’s worth of performances at Shenanigans bar in Port Richmond.

Fighting crime in the riverwards…together

To combat crime locally, community groups throughout the riverwards have banded together to create a new crime-watch organization.

Hops into spring (or is it ‘spring into hops’?)

In this week’s Think Beer…Drink Beer, columnist Tim Patton looks at ways to help urban gardeners grow hops, an essential ingredient in many popular brews.

Remembering Seamus

Seamus O’Neill was murdered in 2008. Friends and family remember him after his killer was sentenced to life in prison earlier this month.

Editorial: Say what, Tom?

Is Tom Corbett out of his mind? Does he think women are incapable of tending to their own body business? Does the “moderate” governor of Pennsylvania actually think women should be forced to undergo an ultrasound and wait 24 hours before having an abortion? Does he realize that women outnumber men? Does he have a clue? Does he think he lives on another planet?The former state attorney general is taking plenty of heat from plenty of level-headed people for defending legislation dubbed the Women’s Right to Know Act that would treat pregnant women like imbeciles.For pregnant women who know there is no need to look at a monitor while getting their mandatory ultrasound and have no desire to do so, Mr. Corbett offers this friendly, fatherly advice: “You just have to close your eyes.”Oh, how nice. That’s the only choice women deserve, according to the paternalistic governor.Abortion rights in the year 2012 are under attack by far-right politicians, mostly men, who, like Mr. Corbett, can never get pregnant but treat women with utter contempt and thumb their nose at the right to abortion, which became settled law with the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973.Attention, all women who cherish their privacy and all men who respect women: Let Tom Corbett know how you feel. Call him at 1-717-787-2500 and send him a message at him — and Rush Limbaugh,  Rick Santorum and other “limited government” proponents — to stay the hell out of your bedrooms and doctor’s offices. ••

Letters to the Editor: March 21, 2012

Where, oh where, is the doggie park? NowhereIn response to the letter in last week’s edition concerning the dog park at Lawncrest (Our beloved doggie park is not so beloved anymore):I am the supervisor at Lawncrest Recreation Center. First, let me say there is no doggie park on this site. Over the course of several years with the decline of a baseball program, a number of dog owners and their dogs “squatted” on the fenced little league field and proclaimed it a dog park. Nothing was ever done officially by the city to dedicate the area to dogs and their owners. With the resurgence of the baseball program under the vibrant Lawncrest Lions, it has necessitated a change. It is a baseball field once again!More to the point, several months ago I received a call from a woman who identified herself as African-American. She explained to me about a woman who said the doggie park was hers and no one of color could use it. She asked what could be done about the intimidation and discrimination. I suggested she could call the police or the mayor’s office on human relations, and I would see what I could do about the issue as well. Since I heard nothing more about it, I thought the problem had been resolved.Jim Ritvalsky