Navy depot site in Northeast to be part of readiness drills


The U.S. Navy will con­duct train­ing and read­i­ness drills across the na­tion next week. One of the fa­cil­it­ies that will be af­fected is the Nav­al Sup­port Activ­ity Phil­adelphia, or, to the loc­als, the Nav­al sup­ply de­pot, at Levick Street and Ox­ford Av­en­ue.

The ex­er­cises “are de­signed to en­hance the train­ing and read­i­ness of Navy se­cur­ity forces to re­spond to threats to in­stall­a­tions and units,” the Navy stated in a news re­lease last week.

The drills, dubbed Sol­id Cur­tain and Cit­adel Shield, will oc­cur sim­ul­tan­eously, the Navy stated, and “will stress dif­fer­ent areas of the Navy’s anti-ter­ror­ism pro­gram to en­hance the train­ing and read­i­ness of Nav­al Se­cur­ity Force per­son­nel to re­spond to real-world threats.”

The Navy said the drills are not in re­sponse to any spe­cif­ic threat.

The ex­er­cise will in­clude an evac­u­ation of the fa­cil­ity, po­lice said last month. When ex­actly that will hap­pen next week the Navy isn’t say­ing.

“There may be a like­li­hood there may be a dis­rup­tion in traffic,” Navy spokes­man Mi­chael Randazzo said last week. He said he couldn’t dis­cuss de­tails of the ex­er­cises.

“Meas­ures have been taken to min­im­ize dis­rup­tions to nor­mal base op­er­a­tions, but there may be times when the ex­er­cise causes in­creased traffic around bases, in­creased first re­spon­der/emer­gency vehicle activ­ity, or delays in base ac­cess,” the Navy stated in the news re­lease.

More than 6,000 people work at the de­pot.

“Throughout the plan­ning of this ex­er­cise, we en­gaged [Phil­adelphia po­lice] and SEPTA with face-to-face meet­ings, e-mails and pub­lic out­reach,” Randazzo stated in an e-mail to the North­east Times. “This ex­er­cise did not re­quire fire de­part­ment par­ti­cip­a­tion.”

SEPTA bus routes 19, 24 and 67 ser­vice the de­pot.

“As of now, there are no plans for bus de­tours,” said SEPTA spokes­wo­man Jer­ria Wil­li­ams.

The Phil­adelphia Navy Yard An­nex in South Phil­adelphia also will be in­volved in the weeklong ex­er­cises.

Any­one with ques­tions can call the base pub­lic af­fairs of­fice at 215-697-5995 or look up Nav­al Sup­port Activ­ity Phil­adelphia on Face­book, Randazzo stated. ••


You can reach at

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