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Star's man­aging ed­it­or Mi­kala Jam­is­on on the news­pa­per's role in the com­munity.

Last week, I had the op­por­tun­ity to meet so many read­ers and really ex­per­i­ence some of the great things the river ward neigh­bor­hoods have to of­fer.

With help from some very friendly mem­bers of the com­munity, I was able to co­ordin­ate a table for Star to use at the Moth­er of Di­vine Grace Itali­an fest­iv­al in Port Rich­mond on May 31.

While I sat at the table and handed out cop­ies of the pa­per, busi­ness cards and some very yummy cup­cakes Star bought at Whipped Bakeshop in Fishtown (at 636 Bel­grade St.), I was so pleased to be a part of the cel­eb­ra­tion.

I come from an Itali­an fam­ily, so nat­ur­ally I was ex­cited to take part in all the eat­ing that was go­ing on, and I’m still dream­ing of the amaz­ing roast pork, broc­coli rabe and pro­volone sand­wich I en­joyed.

But more im­port­ant, I got to chat with so many res­id­ents of Port Rich­mond and oth­er neigh­bor­hoods.

See, that’s what I think is so great about work­ing for a com­munity news­pa­per — we’re very ac­cess­ible.

It’s easy for Star to be a part of loc­al events, fest­ivals and go­ings-on. Not only do I be­lieve we’re ob­lig­ated to at­tend meet­ings and events, but I really en­joy at­tend­ing them.

At the Moth­er of Di­vine Grace fest­iv­al, I liked how ex­cited people be­came when I told them that the cup­cakes were, in fact, free of charge.

I liked be­ing able to hand a wo­man a copy of last week’s pa­per when she said she had lost hers.

I liked giv­ing people my busi­ness card and telling them to send me their kids’ birth­day no­tices or any up­com­ing events.

And I really liked how thank­ful some of the people from the church were for Star’s pres­ence there.

Not all events in the neigh­bor­hoods are big ones. Not all of them al­ways go as planned. But what mat­ters is that they hap­pen at all — that the people who live in the river wards even both­er. They do both­er, and I think that’s very im­port­ant.

It’s easy to simply re­port on the facts every week. What’s more dif­fi­cult is com­mit­ting to be­ing a part of the com­munity. We work hard to reach out to find stor­ies you won’t find in any oth­er pa­per, and we en­joy just com­ing out to events like the Itali­an fest­iv­al to prove we’re in­ves­ted in the neigh­bor­hoods.

Star will have a table at the Moth­er of Di­vine Grace Itali­an fest­iv­al again on Sat­urday, June 9, start­ing at 6 p.m. Stop by for a cup­cake or just to say hello.

And be on the lookout for us at many events to come. We look for­ward to it.

Star Man­aging Ed­it­or Mi­kala Jam­is­on can be reached at 215-354-3113 or at mjam­is­

She wel­comes any amaz­ing roast pork sand­wich re­cipes.

You can reach at

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