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Letters to the editor: June 20, 2012

Smart meters: Danger! Warning! Caution!Thanks, Myles Gordon, for last week’s letter to the editor that had information on smart meters and the numbers to call (Smart meters are a dumb idea).PECO had threatened to shut me off if I didn’t take the meter. I called on the phone and asked for time until September to look into them a little bit more and was told if I didn’t make arrangements and an appointment to let the installer have access, my electric would be shut off 6/17.That’s a real disgrace, because I have paid my bill on time for over 20 years and have a meter that works perfectly well. I made the appointment but told them to note that it was under duress.Since then I have looked up what is happening around the country with these meters and everything you said is true and more. People are getting very sick from the electromagnetic radiation.Information can be found at and you can find a list of the many health problems associated with them there.PECO will correctly tell you that in 2008 something was signed saying there is no opt-out for Pennsylvania, but what they won’t tell you is that state Rep. Mike Reese has authored a bill to get that option for the citizens of Pennsylvania. It is HB 2188 and is presently waiting to be released for a vote on it.State Rep. Robert Godshall chairs the committee that is reviewing it and his office has been very helpful to me. I sent my PECO shutoff notice to them as well as to state Sen. Mike Stack and am waiting to see how things play out.These meters are extremely dangerous physically and practically, and we do have people in Harrisburg considering an opt-out for us. Let them know you don’t want these meters forced on you.Frank YostRhawnhurst

Breaking news: Jury in priest sex abuse trial says it can't decide

The jury in the priest sex abuse trial in Philadelphia sent a note to the judge this morning telling her that it had reached one verdict, but was a hung jury on all other charges.