St. Hubert Parents Association dishes out money for students


The St. Hubert High School Par­ents As­so­ci­ation is provid­ing schol­ar­ship money to sev­en in­com­ing fresh­men and an­oth­er sev­en stu­dents already en­rolled in the school.

The par­ents group be­came par­tic­u­larly act­ive after the early Janu­ary an­nounce­ment that an Arch­diocese of Phil­adelphia blue rib­bon com­mis­sion was re­com­mend­ing that the school close be­cause of de­clin­ing en­roll­ment and an op­er­at­ing de­fi­cit.

The St. Hubert com­munity raised about $1.3 mil­lion in sev­en weeks. In the end, the gen­er­os­ity of sev­er­al phil­an­throp­ists per­suaded Arch­bish­op Charles J. Chaput to keep open St. Hubert and three oth­er high schools re­com­men­ded for clos­ing.

The 2012-13 tu­ition for arch­dioces­an high schools will be $5,850.

The sev­en in­com­ing fresh­men who’ll each re­ceive $1,000 schol­ar­ships are Jam­ie Can­non (St. Domin­ic), Aman­da Ra­jkowski (St. Al­bert the Great), Lilly Rest (Re­sur­rec­tion of Our Lord), Kira Rob­bins (St. Jos­aphat Ukrain­i­an), Madeline Rullo (St. Mat­thew), Eliza­beth Wal­czykowski (Mari­time Academy Charter) and Al­is­on N. Wilson (St. Mat­thew).

The sev­en St. Hubert stu­dents who’ll each re­ceive one-month schol­ar­ships of $585 are sopho­mores An­gela Gallo and Christi Gos­se, ju­ni­ors Nicole De­S­anto, Alanna Ros­ado and An­drea De­Vito and seni­ors Lex­us Ferry and Colleen Schindle.

Mean­while, Re­gina Craig has been re­appoin­ted prin­cip­al at St. Hubert.

The search con­tin­ues for a re­place­ment for out­go­ing pres­id­ent Sis­ter Mary E. Smith, IHM, who’ll be­come prin­cip­al at Im­macu­lata High School in Somerville, N.J.

Sis­ter Mary served as St. Hubert prin­cip­al from Ju­ly 2007 to Ju­ly 2009, when she was named the school’s pres­id­ent. ••


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