Story Archive June 20 2012

Bridesburg pair bravely faces the unknown together

In the face of an uncertain and frightening health issue, Bridesburg's AJ Hite turns to his wife Ashley, his family, and the community for support and comfort.

PTSSD grants 20K to Spirit newspaper

The Penn Treaty Special Services District, until recently, awarded funds to nonprofits, community groups' projects, parks' friends groups, educational and sports programs and local churches. This year, the district has provided a grant to the for-profit community newspaper.

Community leaders whipped into shape at ‘boot camp’

At last week’s first annual Block Captain Boot Camp, locals learned how to be effective community leaders.

The "Best Of" the best

Star's Managing Editor Mikala Jamison on the paper's exciting summer contest.

Star’s Summer Calendar Series

Star is now offering a week-by-week list of citywide summer events in addition to our regular calendar!

Vote for Best of the Riverwards 2012!

Your favorite local businesses, locations and people need your support. Vote now!

Riverward upcoming events for this week, June 20

Summer has officially begun! Stay on top of what's going on with our comprehensive calendar. See you around the neighborhoods!

From bakeries to billboards, Fishtown locals chime in at zoning meeting

Residents gave an emphatic “yes” to a new bakery in Fishtown at last week’s zoning meeting.

Firefighter Pat Nally recalls Buck Hosiery blaze

Firefighter Pat Nally recalls the night of the Buck Hosiery fire and his fallen “brothers” as he recovers from injuries.

Editorial: Keep on teaching

The School District of Philadelphia is not exactly held in the highest regard these days, but parents and students have at least one thing to brag about: they have not been crippled by teacher strikes in a long while.To ensure that Philadelphia public school students, and those throughout the Keystone State, don’t get shortchanged by a greedy, selfish teachers union — as their counterparts in the Neshaminy School District were on several occasions during the school year that just ended — movers and shakers in Harrisburg should once and for all step up to the plate and win one for the masses.If Pennsylvania’s Republican governor and the GOP-controlled legislature want to do something constructive while they try to hammer out a budget before the June 30 deadline, they will enact a law that bans school strikes in the state. Only 13 states allow teachers to strike, and Pennsylvania should not be one of them.When you look at the big picture, teachers are every bit as important as police officers and firefighters, who are not permitted to strike. When teachers go out on strike, they shortchange taxpayers and create bedlam for working parents, but far more important, they disrupt students’ schedules and stymie their progress. Teacher strikes hurt society’s junior citizens. They are reprehensible and should be illegal.Pennsylvania lawmakers should enact a package of common-sense measures that ban teacher strikes, allow for binding arbitration involving teachers and school boards, and allow voters to use the power of the ballot box — via referendum — to decide on teachers’ salaries and benefits.Pennsylvania can earn itself a big, fat A+ if it does the right thing for the children.Send letters tol: