Hot dog!

Momma Di­etz serves up hot dogs to loc­al young­sters for their work get­ting dona­tions for the Susan G. Ko­men for the Cure's Pretty in Pig fund rais­ing cam­paign.

Ruth “Mrs. Di­etz” Eni(right) and Anne Ritter(left) of Ko­men Phil­adelphia Race for the Cure, serve up hot­dogs to stu­dents at Kinder Academy Rhawn­hurst for their acheive­ments in the Ko­men Phil­adelphia Race for the Cure Pretty in Pig Fun­drais­ing Con­test. The cel­eb­ra­tion was sponsored by Di­etz & Wat­son. (Brad Lar­ris­on)

Momma Di­etz vis­ited Kinder Academy’s Rhawn­hurst loc­a­tion on Thursday, thank­ing the young­sters for their gen­er­ous dona­tions to the Susan G. Ko­men for the Cure Pretty in Pig fun­drais­ing cam­paign.

The en­dear­ing Momma Di­etz is also known as Ruth Eni, the chair­wo­man of Di­etz & Wat­son Inc. The Wissi­nom­ing-based com­pany is the spon­sor of the Pretty in Pig cam­paign in sup­port of the fight against breast can­cer.

The 10 tod­dlers in the “Grasshop­per” class at Kinder, loc­ated at 7922 Bustleton Ave., donated $172.55 — the most money per stu­dent of par­ti­cip­at­ing Phil­adelphia-area schools.

The gen­er­os­ity earned them a “Gril­l­eb­ra­tion” thank you party in the day care’s play­ground. The win­ning class and oth­er Kinder Academy stu­dents and staff were treated to Di­etz & Wat­son grilled hot dogs. They also en­joyed snacks and drinks and were presen­ted with Fris­bees and pink Di­etz & Wat­son hats.

“It’s for a won­der­ful cause,” said Momma Di­etz, who has seen her moth­er, sis­ter and daugh­ter battle breast can­cer. “It’s a shame this can­cer has to be around. It’s a nasty ill­ness.”

In all, Kinder Academy raised $500. Money was dropped in­to piggy bank-sized pig­let ba­bies.

“The teach­ers were very com­pet­it­ive, and fam­il­ies were happy to do it. They’ve been so gen­er­ous,” said Kinder Academy ex­ec­ut­ive dir­ect­or Leslie Spina, who takes part in Ko­men’s an­nu­al three-day, 60-mile be­ne­fit walk. “We all have moth­ers and sis­ters, and every­one feels like we’re mak­ing a dif­fer­ence.”

Among the big con­trib­ut­ors this year were stu­dents in the School Dis­trict of Phil­adelphia and the Phil­adelphia Fed­er­a­tion of Teach­ers.

“We’ve done really well. We’re fight­ing to get a cure,” said Somer­ton’s Sally Ro­ten­berg, a re­tired teach­er, breast can­cer sur­viv­or and chair­wo­man of the Pretty in Pig school out­reach pro­gram.

Ann Ritter, a pro­gram dir­ect­or for the loc­al Ko­men af­fil­i­ate, said the Pretty in Pig pro­gram has be­nefited her agency and provided an edu­ca­tion tool for chil­dren.

“We love the concept,” she said. “There’s no bet­ter time to start with them than when they’re young.” •• 

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