Eleven Neumann Scholars receive prestigious honor

St. Jerome eight graders Ad­ri­an Toledo (left) and Ry­an Green are two loc­al win­ners of the Neu­mann Schol­ars Awards, Fri­day, May 11, 2012, Phil­adelphia, Pa. (Maria Pouch­nikova)


El­ev­en loc­al Cath­ol­ic ele­ment­ary school eighth-graders were named Neu­mann Schol­ars, earn­ing full, four-year schol­ar­ships to any of the 17 high schools in the Arch­diocese of Phil­adelphia.

The loc­al award win­ners and their cur­rent and fu­ture schools are:

• Bri­an Booth, St. Cecil­ia, Ro­man Cath­ol­ic.

• Sean Fin­neg­an, St. Chris­toph­er, Arch­bish­op Wood.

• Jam­ie Galanaugh, St. Timothy, Little Flower.

• Ry­an Green, St. Jerome, Fath­er Judge.

• Brendan Guy, St. Wil­li­am, Ro­man Cath­ol­ic.

• Chris­ti­an Mor­ris, Our Lady of Cal­vary, Arch­bish­op Wood.

• Nich­olas No­vot­ny, Our Lady of Cal­vary, Arch­bish­op Ry­an.

• Daniel Queden­feld, St. Cecil­ia, Arch­bish­op Ry­an.

• Brandon Texeira, St. Mat­thew, Ro­man Cath­ol­ic.

• Ad­ri­an Toledo, St. Jerome, Arch­bish­op Ry­an.

• Katy Vie­ira, Re­sur­rec­tion of Our Lord, St. Hubert.

In all, there were 40 win­ners among schools in Phil­adelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Mont­gomery counties.

The pu­pils were honored at a ce­re­mony last month at St. Joseph’s Uni­versity. Arch­bish­op Charles J. Chaput was in at­tend­ance.

The Neu­mann Schol­ars Pro­gram was ini­ti­ated in 1995 by the Con­nelly Found­a­tion. Win­ners are chosen fol­low­ing an ex­am­in­a­tion giv­en each Janu­ary.

Each year, about 900 pu­pils com­pete for the schol­ar­ships. They are se­lec­ted to take the ex­am by their prin­cipals, based on an es­say and oth­er aca­dem­ic cri­ter­ia.

Al­most 600 people have earned schol­ar­ships over the years, and they have had 100-per­cent col­lege ac­cept­ance and at­tend­ance rates.

In high school, Neu­mann Schol­ars must main­tain a classroom av­er­age of 90 or bet­ter, rank in the top 10 per­cent of the class and have con­duct marks of at least 85 per­cent. They are as­signed aca­dem­ic coun­selors who mon­it­or their pro­gress dur­ing their high school years.

The 2012-13 tu­ition at arch­dioces­an high schools will be $5,850. As­sum­ing mod­est an­nu­al tu­ition in­creases, each schol­ar­ship is worth about $24,000. ••


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