Twins, Double Eagles, Fly High

Twins, Sean and Chris­toper Malo­ney be­came Eagle Scouts

Fraternal 18-year-old twins Chris­toph­er (right) and Shawn Malo­ney fin­ish a pro­ject this month to be­come Eagle Scouts. Both entered Boys Scouts in first grade and gradu­ated dif­fer­ent high schools this year. When asked which one is the more ser­i­ous of the two, both laugh and Shawn points in Chris­toph­er’s dir­ec­tion, Thursday, June 7, 2012, Phil­adelphia, Pa. (Maria Pouch­nikova)

Chris­toph­er and Shawn Malo­ney are Eagle Scouts.

That’s a rank most Boy Scouts don’t at­tain, Shawn said Thursday dur­ing an in­ter­view in their Bustleton home. He es­tim­ated maybe one in 200 be­come Eagle Scouts.

What prob­ably makes the broth­ers’ achieve­ment even more ex­traordin­ary is that the 18-year-olds Evans Street res­id­ents are twins who be­came Eagle Scouts at the same time this past Decem­ber.

But al­though they both earned Scout­ing’s highest hon­or while mem­bers of Boy Scout Troop 174, they didn’t do it all to­geth­er. Each had very dif­fer­ent and very sep­ar­ate Eagle Scout pro­jects.

To at­tain Eagle Scout des­ig­na­tion, a Scout must ac­cu­mu­late more than two dozen mer­it badges and rack up 100 hours of com­munity ser­vice be­fore even get­ting a pro­ject off the ground.

For the twins, it all star­ted in first grade in Ma­ter­nity BVM par­ish school in Bustleton when they joined the Scouts.

Chris­toph­er, a Fath­er Judge grad, said an Eagle Scout pro­ject must help the great­er com­munity. He de­cided to do something for his high school.

He put up new shades in the school’s art room, his moth­er, Lisa Malo­ney, said. He ob­tained art sup­plies, cleaned win­dows and desks, re­painted cab­in­ets, sup­plied new shelves and re­or­gan­ized books.

It’s not a solo act, he said. Scouts get oth­er mem­bers of their troop, fam­ily and friends to help out.

“It’s about lead­ing people, show­ing them how to do it right,” Chris­toph­er said.

“You show your lead­er­ship skills,” Shawn agreed, adding he also was helped by Scouts from his troop as he col­lec­ted let­ters, toi­letries, books and gum to make up 75 pack­ages to send to Amer­ic­an sol­diers sta­tioned over­seas.

Put­ting those pack­ages to­geth­er turned out to be only part of the pro­ject. Shawn, who is gradu­at­ing from Con­nec­tion Academy, con­duc­ted a pret­zel sale to raise $700 to pay for the post­age needed to mail those par­cels. ••

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