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Letters to the editor: June 6, 2012

Yo, Philly exile: Keep your thoughts in VirginiaRegarding Lydia Selwood’s letter last week, Shame on CLIP for going too far:Why do I have to read an opinion of someone who moved from Philly decades ago and is “glad” that she no longer lives here?I don’t care one red cent what Lydia Selwood thinks about Philly, or CLIP, or anything else. Do you know why? Because she left and is “glad” about it.Hey Lydia, maybe if you hadn’t left, this would be a better place. I’m tired of people who leave and then sit off in the distance judging everything that goes on here with an almost satisfactory tone.Why did you feel the need to tell every one of us how glad you were to be gone? Go worry about Harrisonburg, Va. — we’ll all be fine here.Rob PhilippiFox Chase

Resurrection gets renovations as Ransom sets to close

— Resurrection of Our Lord School gets a fresh new look as it prepares to welcome Our Lady of Ransom students.

Our Lady of Ransom says farewell

— Our Lady of Ransom School, which opened in 1956, held a Mass and a farewell reception.

Father Judge teams enjoy their new fields

— Honored guests celebrate the completion of the $2.8 million project at a ribbon-cutting ceremony.