Story Archive June 06 2012

Port Richmond’s own Superwoman

Susan Ongirski has dedicated her life to enhancing the Port Richmond community in spite of tremendous odds.

Port Richmond garage was drug ring HQ

17 individuals have been arrested following a drug bust that seized cocaine, cars, guns, $300,000 in cash and several properties, including an auto garage on the 3000 block of Martha St. in Port Richmond.

Star will see you around the neighborhoods

Star's managing editor Mikala Jamison on the newspaper's role in the community.

Riverward upcoming events for this week, June 6

Stay on top of what's going on in the neighborhoods with our calendar (we're adding more each week)!

Firefighters’ union vs. Nutter and Ayers

Local 22, the union that represents the city's firefighters, said they are are seeking justice in the wake of the April 9 Bucks Hosiery fire.

Fishtown’s Anthony’s Café treasures past, welcomes present

Fishtown writer Greg Pacana explains what's in store for the oldest family-owned bar in Fishtown.

Fishtown’s sweetest secret, Whipped Bakeshop

Whipped Bakeshop in Fishtown provides a cure for cupcake cravings (they even deliver). Star has the inside scoop.

A man with a plan, and a blog, to combat city blight

Chris Sawyer hopes to make information about property issues and vacant buildings throughout the city more readily available to residents by way of his blog, Philadelinquency.