Wolf-hybrid captured in Pennypack Park

Pennsylvania Game Com­mis­sion of­fi­cials today an­nounced that the agency is at­tempt­ing to cap­ture what is be­lieved to be a wolf-hy­brid that has taken up res­id­ence in Pennypack Park, Phil­adelphia. (Photo Cour­tesy of Cheryl A. Trewella)


The wolf-hy­brid that had taken up res­id­ence in Pennypack Park was cap­tured Tues­day morn­ing.

“A vari­ety of ap­proaches were used to re­move this an­im­al from Pennypack Park,” ex­plained Dan Lynch, a Pennsylvania Game Com­mis­sion South­east Re­gion Wild­life Edu­ca­tion Spe­cial­ist, who was in­volved with the cap­ture. “We tried tran­quil­izer equip­ment and cage traps, with no suc­cess and so we even­tu­ally op­ted for foothold traps. With­in three hours, it was cap­tured. The an­im­al was out of the trap in less than a minute and was seem­ingly un­fazed by the ex­per­i­ence as it sat calmly in its trans­port pen.”

The foothold trap is use­ful for catch­ing canines, which of­ten are re­luct­ant to enter en­clos­ures and tough to dart with a tran­quil­izer gun, ac­cord­ing to a press state­ment. 

ldquo;Hot dogs were the tick­et,” ad­ded Lynch. “It had be­come ac­cus­tomed to eat­ing hot dogs left in the park daily by folks con­cerned about its well-be­ing. So, hot dogs were re­cog­nized im­me­di­ately as our best at­tract­ant and we put them to work. It didn’t take long!”

The wolf-hy­brid was taken to the Wolf Sanc­tu­ary of Pennsylvania, loc­ated north of Li­titz in Lan­caster County, where its health is be­ing as­sessed so it can be cared for prop­erly. The 22-acre wood­land wolf re­treat of­fers refuge to wolves and wolf-hy­brids that have be­come own­er­less and without prop­er per­mits to be kept leg­ally. ••


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