Letters to the editor: July 4, 2012

Happy birth­day to Amer­ica the Beau­ti­ful
As a former fed­er­al work­er with 26 years of ser­vice at the De­part­ment of Trans­port­a­tion’s Fed­er­al Avi­ation Ad­min­is­tra­tion, the Fourth of Ju­ly, our na­tion’s 236th birth­day, is an im­port­ant day for me. I love the parades, bar­be­cues, pool parties and mostly fire­works com­mem­or­at­ing this day. Since the dawn of our na­tion, fed­er­al work­ers have played a sig­ni­fic­ant role in Amer­ica’s achieve­ments.
The con­tri­bu­tions of fed­er­al work­ers will be very much in evid­ence this week as Amer­ic­ans pre­pare to cel­eb­rate our na­tion’s birth­day. Mil­lions of Amer­ic­ans will check a weath­er re­port pre­pared by the Na­tion­al Weath­er Ser­vice, grill meat in­spec­ted by the U.S. De­part­ment of Ag­ri­cul­ture, and fly
in skies kept safe by the Fed­er­al Avi­ation Ad­min­is­tra­tion and the Trans­port­a­tion Se­cur­ity Ad­min­is­tra­tion.
Oth­ers will en­joy time out­doors in our na­tion­al parks, travel with chil­dren pro­tec­ted by car seats in­spec­ted by the Con­sumer Product Safety Com­mis­sion, and vis­it post of­fices to mail let­ters and pack­ages to loved ones serving in the mil­it­ary.
My fel­low fed­er­al work­ers and I are proud of the jobs we’ve done for Amer­ica for the last 236 years. We wish you, and the na­tion we love, a Happy In­de­pend­ence Day.
Glor­ia Speer
East Tor­res­dale

Monsignor Lynn is a vic­tim of cir­cum­stance
Re­gard­ing your ed­it­or­i­al last week (The sins of the Fath­ers): First, con­grats to the North­east Times for its some­times tain­ted view of this tragedy.
While I agree that justice was a long time com­ing, and I wasn’t in the courtroom, I want to say that it sad­dens me that Monsignor Lynn is ap­par­ently tak­ing the fall for the Arch­diocese of Phil­adelphia.
I am not a re­li­gious zealot — justice is justice. God help Car­din­al Bevilac­qua, and have mercy on the in­no­cent.
In no way do I com­pare Monsignor Lynn to Jerry San­dusky. What a joke. The monsignor is also a vic­tim of ‘see no evil’ and ‘do what you’re told.’
I’m sure he is in great pain for all that went on un­der his boss’ watch. Monsignor, you are in my pray­ers. I’ve nev­er met you, I’m not re­lated, I’m simply sad for the en­tire Cath­ol­ic church. It’s a dev­ast­at­ing time for all Chris­ti­ans.
As for San­dusky, good rid­dance!!
Mary Lou Kolen­kiewicz
Fox Chase

Blame the par­ents, not the teach­ers
Re­sponse to June Blade’s let­ter last week (Chil­dren are be­ing left be­hind at Lin­coln): No school is per­fect and the Phil­adelphia School Dis­trict cer­tainly falls in­to that cat­egory. In your com­ment you stated, “What is wrong with the school sys­tem?”
What I say is, “What is wrong with the par­ent or guard­i­an?” Teach­ers can’t make the kids do as­sign­ments. Par­ents, however, can. You can’t blame schools for lazy par­ents. Teach­ers teach, they don’t raise your chil­dren. That’s your job.
Dan Vaughan

Keep your hands out of my pock­ets
All the huff­ing and puff­ing lately about vouch­ers that could ease the fin­an­cial bur­den of Cath­ol­ic stu­dents comes down to the stub­born real­ity that these vouch­ers would be paid for with my tax dol­lars.
Don’t the stu­dents and their bish­ops be­lieve in the sep­ar­a­tion of church and state? Well, I do, and I be­lieve that it is a sound policy which keeps the hair-on-fire ex­trem­ists from im­pos­ing their re­li­gious will on the rest of us.
I sup­port any par­ents who want to send their chil­dren to pa­ro­chi­al schools for whatever reas­ons. But don’t reach in­to my pock­et to pay for the tu­ition. It’s my pock­et, and my money. Hands off!
Ed­ward Huber

Ed­it­or­i­al was akin to talk ra­dio
The writer of the North­east Times ed­it­or­i­al pub­lished on June 20 (Keep on teach­ing) should care­fully, very care­fully, con­sider the fol­low­ing facts. The “greedy, selfish” teach­ers of the Ne­sham­iny School Dis­trict have already pro­posed bind­ing and non-bind­ing ar­bit­ra­tion. The Ne­sham­iny School Board has re­jec­ted both of these ap­proaches.
Per­haps the North­east Times could ac­tu­ally re­port on what has been tran­spir­ing in Ne­sham­iny (be­fore us­ing it as a po­ten­tial 2x4 on oth­er Pennsylvania teach­ers) as op­posed to en­ga­ging in name-call­ing and right­eous in­dig­na­tion. The one ma­jor com­munity news­pa­per in North­east Phil­adelphia owes its read­ers no less than care­ful re­port­ing and a tone slightly more el­ev­ated than that of talk ra­dio.
Ed­ward R. Moses

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