City property taxes to rise again


City Coun­cil last week passed a $3.6 bil­lion budget that in­cludes the third con­sec­ut­ive in­crease in prop­erty taxes.

In the last two years, Coun­cil passed budgets signed by May­or Mi­chael Nut­ter that in­cluded “tem­por­ary” prop­erty tax hikes.

Those tem­por­ary hikes are now per­man­ent. On June 28, Coun­cil passed a 3.6 per­cent prop­erty tax in­crease to provide $20 mil­lion to the School Dis­trict of Phil­adelphia.

In the last three years, prop­erty taxes in Phil­adelphia have in­creased al­most 18 per­cent.

There could be more to come. While Coun­cil delayed Nut­ter’s ac­tu­al value ini­ti­at­ive for a year, it is ex­pec­ted to be im­ple­men­ted in 2013.

All prop­er­ties in the city will be as­sessed at their ac­tu­al val­ues and taxed at a rate that will be set by Coun­cil. Today, prop­erty taxes are de­term­ined by a for­mula.

The vote to raise the prop­erty tax was 12-4. In op­pos­i­tion were Coun­cil­wo­man Jan­nie Black­well and Coun­cil­men Bill Green, Bri­an O’Neill and Den­nis O’Bri­en.

Vot­ing to raise the prop­erty tax were Coun­cil Pres­id­ent Dar­rell Clarke, Coun­cil­men Mark Squilla, Kenyatta John­son, Curtis Jones, Bobby Hen­on, Jim Ken­ney, Wilson Goode Jr., Bill Green­lee and Dav­id Oh and Coun­cil­wo­men Cindy Bass, Mari­an Tasco and Blondell Reyn­olds Brown.

Coun­cil­wo­man Maria Quinones-Sanc­hez was ab­sent.

Coun­cil also passed a $20 mil­lion in­crease in the use and oc­cu­pancy tax on busi­nesses. The money will go to the school dis­trict. ••


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