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Unearthing history along the river

Archeologists search along Columbus Boulevard, just a few blocks south of Northern Liberties, for evidence of the West Shipyard. The shipyard is believed to have been in place on the Delaware River six years before William Penn set foot in the state that would bear his name.

A 'game-changer' for old Liddonfield site

"This is probably the most important development that this community will see in the next century." — Stan Cywinski, president of the Upper Holmesburg Civic Association

Letters to the editor: July 25, 2012

Silence is deafeningOn hearing the news concerning Monsignor Lynn’s sentencing, my first thought was to turn to the Catholic Standard & Times and send a missile to them about my thoughts. However, that institution is history. My theory of sending a letter to the CST was to get the big guy’s attention, the chief of the diocese, Archbishop Chaput. I wonder why he, the shepherd of his flock, including his own priests, would be so silent during the trial of Monsignor Lynn and all days leading up to his sentencing.The bishop is in charge of the diocese and is an extension of the pope in Rome —  the head bishop. He, the bishop, is to tend to his flock, being pastoral, supportive, understanding and just. He might have pulled the wampum over many of the parishioners in the diocese as well as some of his priests, but his silence and inactivity around the Lynn debacle is disgraceful and doesn’t even come close to being just.Hiding behind his collar, his bishop’s miter and staff is cowardly. He sat there day in and day out and pretended that the Lynn trial was so removed from his responsibility that I think at times he thought the trial was happening in some other state. Did he walk into a mess when he accepted the keys of the Philadelphia kingdom? Indeed. Did he attempt to try to support Lynn in any way, at any time, in any manner? NEVER.Every priest, bishop, cardinal and yes, even the Holy Fathers through the ages knew this was happening and many closed their eyes to some of the vilest of acts and closed their ears to the screams of abuse as well as ways to stop the sickness.How can those clergy, no matter what level of the hierarchical ladder they are standing on, sleep at night?Stephen T. FerryBustleton