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Truly healthier 'hoods?

Nutrition initiatives aiming to provide more accessible and affordable healthy food have popped up all over the River Wards. Star takes a look at five of them to find out what might help create a fitter Philly.

Walking for Wayne, and for justice

It’s been 10 years since the murder of Fishtown man Wayne Elliss, Jr. On July 28 his family and friends will march to remember him, and maybe find some answers.

One person’s trash is another’s puppet

Found Object Puppet Improv hits the Walking Fish Theatre this weekend, and it’s quite a unique show.

Star’s Summer Calendar Series

Star is now offering a week-by-week list of citywide summer events in addition to our regular calendar!

Riverward upcoming events for this week, July 18

Star's got you covered on the upcoming neighborhood events, meetings and excitement in the River Wards this week!

Letters to the editor: July 18, 2012

Penn State isn’t the only cover-upIt sickens me to see the hypocrisy around the media’s non-stop assault on Joe Paterno. He is surely one of the most vilified Americans of our time, more so than the actual child abuser, Jerry Sandusky.One needs to remember that as the Jerry Sandusky abuse story broke, a parallel story also broke. Hall of Fame sportswriter Bill Conlin (sadly, a childhood hero of mine) was also accused of child abuse. He immediately retired, moved to Florida and will not speak. The story was briefly reported, but the media then quietly dropped it.Readers, use some logic. Bill Conlin worked at the old Inquirer/Daily News building for 40 years. He was known by reporters all over the country. And none of these people (who are trained to dig out stories) knew something was rotten in Philly?One has to believe, either every reporter was completely fooled by Conlin’s behavior, or that a few of them KNEW something was wrong but refused to investigate or say something. Why? Maybe like “JoePa,” this was out of shame for one of their own.The media crucify Paterno, but are they likewise running away from another big child-abuse story? They demand the Paterno statue be torn down, that Penn State football be suspended, yet one of their own, Bill Conlin, remains in the Hall of Fame. I have called and written to the Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News, asking them about why they attack Paterno but Conlin gets a pass. No one ever responds and my letters go unpublished.I hope someone has the courage to publish this letter.Richard IaconelliRhawnhurstOfficer Brian Lorenzo, we salute youToday our city says goodbye to a heroA life that touched so many is now goneWe are left to move on without your graceBut we’ll never forget the smile on your faceThose who had the chance to walk with youKnew you as a man with a heart of goldAnd a smile that would take your breath awayBut today Heaven has taken you from usWe are never given enough time to thank someoneLike you, Brian, for the sacrifices that you’ve madeThe lives you’ve changed and the joy that you gaveEach time we were all graced by your smiling faceToday all of our city will shed its tears togetherFor the loss of someone who made us all betterHeaven opens its gates to allow your soul throughOur Dear Officer Brian Lorenzo, we salute you John J. RuppertMayfair